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  1. tiddies - anime tiddies

  2. Maybe you should collect more information before banning people for "e2 abuse". When literally there was no E2 at all. Lmfao.

    1. Ken Bone

      Ken Bone

      Its actually fucking triggering me, that you think its a fucking E2. And you just jump the ball.

  3. Hey BTW, your ban on me was absolutely pathetic and hilarious and the same time. xD

    1. Beanie


      You're not gonna get unbanned now by saying that. You act like a child, stay banned please.

    2. Ken Bone

      Ken Bone

      Why you so mad?

  4. I want to die, not a new thing, I've always wanted to die, even during the happiest moments of my life, I am stoked for the day I will finally perish off the face of this unholy planet.

    1. Mushed Brain
    2. Baldrat


      yes i hope it will be soon

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