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  1. Necro

    As we're all agreeing with me atm. How about we also unban me?
  2. Necro

    Grey? Not really grey. They are outdated and trash. They need to be remade.
  3. Necro

    I mean... It also had 5k ops. But keep in mind that ops mean nothing. Cpu time is all that matters. The rules are out dated... Staff choose to ignore the "Holograms must be on your property" rule on an hourly basis but happily ban for going over 400 ops. Either follow the e2 rules and ban anyone using holograms/e2s in public or get the rules updated. I've asked miskie many times to update his rules but he just isn't. It's illogical. Either he's being lazy or is completely oblivious to how bad the rules are.
  4. Necro

    Reporting people for e2 names and ops Lul what a pleb
  5. Feels bad that it got such an shitfest but just u know, i wouldve +vote it if ive seen it in time :3

  6. Once again, Necro gets p a t r o n i z e d because of his suggestion:((((((((

  7. Necro

    This is pretty much what I expected would happen. Welp.
  8. Necro

    I could easily make an addon to automatically stop racism in chat. And yes it would be more work on the staff... But I'm sure they won't mind getting a higher sit count from it 8^) On the note of freedom of speech... I mean yes freedom of speech is good. However. Restricting the use of only racism and the like doesn't affect it much at all.
  9. Necro

    Hey so I'd be interested to see peoples opinions about an anti racism rule being added. Please actually give reasoning to your opinion so everyone else can understand your point of view.
  10. Stop patronizing me >:(

    1. Necro


      The fact you're one of the people that misunderstood says it all.

      Stop being a child and leave it.

    2. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      Hey stop patronizing me by calling me a child

  11. can you make me a code i could add to my wire mod leu to stop  music e2 from playing on my side i'm noise sencative and people keep spawning them at my feet or next to piss me of

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    2. teh epic frog
    3. Necro


      Teh epic frog being a child or teh epic frog being an arse hat

    4. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      Now thine listen here thy fellow stop thee talking like a wee yit poop 

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