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  1. Worlld

    GTA Gmod CSGO Minecraft Rocket League R6
  2. Worlld

    -Support Said that you shot 4 guys. No valid proof.
  3. Worlld

    RIP a good PRP staff. Thank you for all the work you have done for us and hope to see you around.
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  5. Worlld

    Hey gurl
  6. Worlld

    Good luck in life bro. Real sad to see you go but we all understand. Peace out homie.
  7. Worlld

    +Active +Good guy -Played with a banned player and claims "he didn't know it was him" when I know you knew it was him. -Demoted for sit farming Overall, - Support. We can't have staff that like to break rules. I like you as a friend but not as a staff.
  8. Worlld

    Denied You may reapply in one week.
  9. Worlld

    +Staff exp. -Only Seen you on a couple times -Not clear on time played -paragraph is eh -you say you can play 12 hours a day. Do you go to school? OVERALL -SUPPORT. UNTIL I CAN SEE SOME IMPROVEMENT IN ACTIVITY, IM KEEPING MY OVERALL THOUGHT.
  10. Worlld

  11. Worlld

    Hey young child
  12. Worlld

    I will miss you... dad. Thanks for staffing for MBRP and everyone will miss you. I hope to see you around or even in a discord channel so we can talk and have a good time mass rdming. Peace out homie dawg.
  13. Worlld

    I can’t really even tell what that is.
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