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  1. Gurm

    +support Was a head admin Cool guy Knows rules Been around since 2017 so he has a lot of experience with the server All around would be a good staff member
  2. Gurm

    Go away loser
  3. Gurm

    -Support You abused? How are we supposed to know you won't do it again when you're getting bored with staffing? Over all any interaction I have had with you has been negative pretty much whether you changed or not is up for debate but ima go with - cause I don't really trust you
  4. Gurm

    Not valid proof at all those machines are so awful and I've seen plenty times where the name at the bottom doesn't change
  5. Gurm

  6. Gurm

    1/10 This post is pretty gay
  7. Gurm

  8. Gurm

    solid proof +support
  9. Gurm

    the power to make people like you stop posting stupid ass threads to get their count up
  10. Zae

    This guy is smelly

    1. Buttered Roll

      Buttered Roll

      never have i read something so true

  11. image.png.856b06e4b6267aa426d1a228c4625c21.png

    Why are you still on the forums if it sucks so bad go away smh

    1. floodedmarathonn


      there are a couple topics i actually care about since my closest friends still play, that's why.

    2. Buttered Roll
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