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  1. Gurm

    He only got perm banned like 4 times no big deal
  2. Gurm

  3. Gurm

  4. Gurm

    +Support It would take no time at all to make this and would stop the needless RDM in sits and cause less issues for players and staff in sits
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  6. Gurm

    -Support Minge Toxic in discord Banned 3 times yikes
  7. Gurm, I’m making a gfx one in blender so don’t worry about me stealing yours.

    1. Andy


      i don't think he cares

    2. GhosTy
  8. Zay

    6666 Profile Views..





  9. nice pfp man 😆 U FUCKING WUUU

    1. Gurm


      Thanks man

  10. Alright look here fucker there isn't enough room in this town for the both of us

  11. Good times eh?image.thumb.png.cf7fe457fbf891de0ede11f671aeac07.png

  12. Gurm

    More rep than guy with more rep than manager 😮

    1. Exld
    2. Thunder


      What an amazing and frankly true backround picture you have on your profile exiled.

    3. Exld


      Haha thanks!

  13. Gurm

    @gz#3175 on discord for access

    1. gz



      message @Thunder for the next step

    2. GhosTy


      @gzme too plz GhosTy#2010

  14. Gurm

    Funny how you -support someone for being a minge when you were easily one of the biggest minges before you were staff lmao

    Not to mention you barely ever get on from what I know so not sure how you would know if he was minging on the server 

    y i k e s

    1. cyber


      I feel like you have some kind of crush on me because of the fact that you decided to take time out of your day complaining on my profile about stuff that I have done on a video game on the internet. I do thank you for leaving this so I get a quick laugh out of it especially since nobody supported this. 

      I hope you have a good day Gurm, not really but have a good day.

    2. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      i agree man crush yes yes man yes

    3. patriotsw29


      I have a bigger crush, cyber

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