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  1. Gurm

    test1 is the best gang change my mind
  2. Gurm, I’m making a gfx one in blender so don’t worry about me stealing yours.

    1. Andy


      i don't think he cares

    2. GhosTy
  3. Gurm

    +Support Good application Decent forums activity Pretty 👌 pfp
  4. Gurm

  5. Gurm

    tfw you can't join test1 so you gotta copy the og
  6. Gurm

  7. Gurm

    Rebzay is pretty 👌 please no bully You on the other hand are someone 90% of people don't want around
  8. Gurm

    From what I know I'm the oldest member that still plays actively
  9. Gurm

    +Support I can't use more than like 1 e2 cause when I spawn my e2s they sometimes spike above the limit for like half a second and it breaks the e2 before it can even get back down below the limit set by the rules
  10. Zay

    6666 Profile Views..





  11. Dead by daylight is pretty 👌 I've been playing a lot of Tower Unite with Miskie and a few others recently I also play Rainbow six siege and deceit
  12. Gurm

    This isn't a job you don't need to apply to get time off they cannot force you to get on However if you were to leave for a week or two you should tell the manager that you're leaving so you don't get in trouble for being inactive
  13. Gurm

    I need a knife so do it tyvm
  14. Gurm

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