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  1. Gurm

    Ah yes the good old days back when @EVO was manager and half the community wasn't a group of insufferable 12 year olds
  2. Gurm

    i love pooping

  3. Gurm

    Not the main discussion btw your comment was just as unneeded as mine was Also I don't play MBRP or gmod in general anymore so don't expect you to know me lmao but I'm not quite sure why you ask who I am as if you are somehow notable. Anyway I don't like arguing with someone who might have mental issues and I don't wanna derail this anymore so have a nice day sir ūüėé
  4. Gurm

    That is cool and all but where is the part we asked?
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  6. Gurm

    It hurts literally not a single soul the fact that the role was made in the first place is beyond stupid and honestly the fact that you went out of your way despite no one complaining to restrict us is mega stupid ngl this is obviously not a real report cause I couldn't care less but on a real note don't see why you gotta take a fat shit on all the fun around here xd
  7. Gurm

    Your in-game name: grum Staff members name: thorbreed Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/)? Ex. STEAM_0:0:71487010: STEAM_0:0:11101 Explain what happened: I was FALSE restricted (reactions) by a menace going by the alias "thorobred" for simply reacting with ūüėÜūüĎĆ ūüĒ• to a certain amount of messages I find this very unjust seeing as the restricted (reactions) role was made specifically for people reacting to serious announcements with meme emotes and whatnot (when you could before the ability to react was removed from announcements altogether) hence why you are incapable of seeing the #announcements channel as shown in this screenshot - http://prntscr.com/qwj1q0 I find this to be quite unjust and I request... nay DEMAND that Mr. Thorobred be reprimanded for his actions and my restricted (reactions) role to be removed Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!) not sure where to put this so it is being posted here
  8. Gurm

    With all due respect you have been posting cringe recently and I wanted to let you know that your kind is not welcome here please do consider leaving the community and never returning thanks ‚̧ԳŹ
  9. Gurm

    You're both still new but welcome
  10. Gurm

    mega basing with the homies @jimmy @Casual and maybe @Gamertron1000 if this is who I think
  11. Gurm

    You didn't feel like taking a SS so you decided to make it harder by taking a picture on your phone putting it on your PC then making this post?
  12. Gurm

    Haha wow that is so cool haha... how can I be like you??? Also why are you taking a picture of your screen just use lightshot or something
  13. Gurm

    I just wanted to say dredlord that of course he did advertise, but to exactly how many people? you were the only one who shown this so was it just one Rigbe has pronounced this to? I dont feel this should go against him in anyway possible since this application was made on Monday, and since it is now Thursday, i feel 22 people who has voted is a reasonable amount and valid for how long it has been; also denials of him becoming staff is a good amount as well and shows that not everyone is agreeing to what goes on in the server with him. He is a jokester and goes alittle to far with the pedophilia thing and some jokes he states, i feel that it is fine, unless he goes overhead as admin to do that to someone to ruin their experience, otherwise the racist words being allowed in the server would be the same thing as this. He deserves his staff and i feel that he has learned to keep some things to himself. ( He was possibly joking about advertising his application to you since it didn't look as if he kept bugging you about it. And he did not say directly that he wanted you to vote, he probably knew you were gonna see it anyways. )  

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    2. Gurm


      Don't see how but alright you do you






    3. Slippy Slappy

      Slippy Slappy

      well its because he started going off topic and doing stuff that wasnt even about the conversation 

    4. thorobred


      i mean both of you were clowns and shouldnt derail staff apps

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