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  1. bi-yearly reminder that you got caught lacking image.thumb.png.6feee3f47f415e829fea42dd22119237.png

  2. fuck yourself

    1. Gurm


      told you I got your back :)

    2. Stay Frosty

      Stay Frosty

      What a great guy ❤️

  3. I came back to tell you to respectfully choke on shit and die

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    2. teh epic frog
    3. Damplips


      oh no hard feelings

      totally understandable

    4. lerald


      i would have to say this message is very inspirational and makes me want to become a ballerina

  4. Gurm

    can I use your nuts as a stress ball

  5. Egg

    Damn boy, is that a primed Stielhandgranate in your pocket or are you just happy to see me

  6. damn girl are you a pinata cause ima beat you in front of the kids



  7. image.png.4f14c895ce65cb8179b1b5f9b38983d5.png

    thanks for getting the joke you fuckin gibbon

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    2. Gurm


      cry about it retard

      you're just mad because you're angry

    3. Sniper47
    4. Gurm


      you're just mad because you're angry

  8. Shut up holy shit

  9. image.png.cd0aa8dad186fb33d198e23c19be736a.png



    I don't wanna call you stupid but.. You're stupid

    1. Buttered Roll

      Buttered Roll

      i do want to call you stupid, youre stupid

    2. Wretch
  10. Life

    Lol Get nubed Nub

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