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  1. Yumi

    +Support nice active ex staff cringe man
  2. Yumi

    +Support Active Ex Staff Nice person cringe man
  3. All u people are wrong. I am best
  4. Yumi

    Ayyyyyyy welcome back
  5. Woo K Party

  6. i want to go outside.

    1. ImTheLetterE
    2. Nota


      Lol imagine being on lock-down.

  7. Ok so we are letting the kid that massrdmed on prp have staff... 

    1. Yumi


      it was 3 kills and a day ban

    2. Andy


      still got banned. If you want staff you shouldn't go on another EXHIBITION server and get yourself banned. Not to mention the last time I saw you in game you were running around as a tiny rat playermodel breaking rules.

    3. Yumi


      u haven't seen me in a while and ive changed since then.

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