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  1. ThatOneGingie

    frick u
  2. #FreeGingie

    Change my mind

  3. wait woah i haven't told people to kill theirselves? lmao wtf

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    2. cyber


      Well you obviously were talking about those people because those are the people I had the issue with.

      and yes I called you a name because you have me mad. I honestly do not care about you or your opinion.

      Just refrain from stating false information on me in the future.


    3. ThatOneGingie


      Its not false,

      Just face the fact ur not going to get staff. If u don't get accepted after your second application just give up.

    4. cyber


      Wasn't planning on making a new application but I'll do it just for you :)

  4. #GingieForDev?

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    2. Gurm


      Coding E2 doesn't make you a developer

    3. teh epic frog
    4. ThatOneGingie


      I used to be a developer for several servers back around 2014-16 including Superior Gaming, TPS Gaming, and some other smaller servers.

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