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  1. I can do that pretty easily tbh, either put a button in their room, or give roommates and room owners access to a command like !help or !roomservice and it will buzz me
  2. Hi, This is not a release, just a showcase. I don't wan't to release it just yet, but I figured i'd make a showcase and if I get good feedback ill release it. This E2 has the ability to add or remove roommates to a players room. and evict players all with simple commands. it also has a hotel manager screen that the hotel manager can put in his office so he knows who owns what and whos roommates with who This E2 also has a rules screen to help avoid people breaking your rules. This E2 also has the built in ability to not let one player buy more than one room. so trolls can no longer just buy out the hotel making you evict them constantly. Showcase video: The Screens: Leave any suggestions in the comments, and if I like them ill add them and maybe give you a early access copy of the E2.
  3. ThatOneGingie

    To be honest, I think we don't need anymore chat mods at the moment Our staff to player ratio is already pretty high. So I am changing my +Support to a -Support for that reason.
  4. ThatOneGingie

    Added You may not ally with another team/clan if the number of ONLINE players in both teams/clans equals more than 6 combined
  5. ThatOneGingie

    Exhibition Battlefield Rust Rules: General Rules Use common sense No chat spam Exploiting the server in any way shape/form is a perm ban (If you find an exploit report it) No duplication of items Hacking is a permanent ban No advertisements of any kind No racism in text chat {Voice chat is ok within reason -- what is reasonable will be decided by the staff member} Do not impersonate other players or staff members. Be respectful in chat. If you want to argue take it to PMs. If there is no rule on a specific subject, what the staff member says goes. Abuse of /report for illegitimate reasons like "gay" etc will result in a ban for the rest of the wipe, no questions asked. The second offense its a month ban. We will not tolerate wasting staffs time with bogus reports. Disclaimers Players are not entitled to refunds on server crash/restart/etc. Players are not entitled to refunds due to freak glitches {Like teleporting under the map, etc} Rules can be modified at any time without notice.
  6. ThatOneGingie

    Imagine paying $50 for some e2s lmfao.
  7. Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence

  8. Can i get a #FreeGingie in the chat...

    1. #FreeToKe2K19


      and can we also get a #FreeToKe in the chat...

    2. Tim Allen

      Tim Allen

      How long you banned for Gingie?


  9. ThatOneGingie

    @Rybrex close this thread, the player has been unbanned.
  10. ThatOneGingie

    -Support Wrong format I banned you because you used the glitch to find their base location and after you found the base location you repeatedly killed them over and over, I spectated the entire thing. After about 25 mintues of abusing the glitch did you attempt to fix it..
  11. ive had my name longer than that gay ass overwatch game has been out fag

    they spelled it wrong not me

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