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  1. ThatOneGingie

    Your Full Name: A: ThatOneGingie Suggestion you are putting forward A: make a way to disable your donator tag ingame. Workshop link if available A: nah Which server is this suggestion for (EX. MBRP, DRP, or CRP) A: Rust 5x Why should this suggestion be implemented A: Whenever i kill/raid people they just go "you pay to win" and say random shit that is literally irrelevant because i have a donator tag in game. Would be dope if i could disable the tag so people see me for who i am and not what i paid to get. Any other information about the suggestion A: Nah
  2. yeah but just because u spent time doing something doesnt mean u should be allowed to minge with it.
  3. ThatOneGingie

    -Support Accuses me of cheating 24/7 We dont need a staff member who cant tell the difference between cheats and just a normal player.
  4. except people literally sit there and set bases on fire for multiple 30+ minutes at a time by continuously shooting it.
  5. ThatOneGingie

    Your Full Name: A: ThatOneGingie (WHERE MY FREE VIP?) Suggestion you are putting forward A: Remove /voteday from the rust server and just completely eliminate night cycles all together. Workshop link if available A: Nah Which server is this suggestion for (EX. MBRP, DRP, or CRP) A: RUST Why should this suggestion be implemented A: Night cycles give cheaters too much of an advantage, it sucks when someone with fullbright can see u at night but u cant see them, it creates a really unfair advantage for legitimate players. The night cycle in rust is literally useless anyways, its not like in minecraft where u need it to play. (yes i know u can just adjust your monitors Gamma to see at night easily, but thats super unfair for the other players who dont know about this and i refuse to change my monitor settings everytime night strikes) Any other information about the suggestion A: nah
  6. ThatOneGingie

    First. My base is a hobo base meant for only the finest of the hobos. Exterior: Interior: My Hobo base has plenty of room to do paperwork at the nice desk in the corner, or if you aren't in the mood you can sit in the chair and watch the ocean. There is also plenty of room for company and sick parties yo. Exactly 35 props btw. exceptionally functional hobo base.
  7. ThatOneGingie

    I've decided that from now on instead of just posting the E2 code raw, i will make a video of how to code the exact same E2, this way you have to do something yourself instead of just Copy+Paste. Maybe yall can learn a thing or two while ur at it.
  8. ThatOneGingie

    Thats fine, im just not releasing any more e2s to the public, the ones i have released are already dead to me anyways since everyone and their mom uses them.
  9. ThatOneGingie

    I have decided to remove all of my E2's from the E2 Releases section of the forums. I am tired of people stealing my work and taking credit for it. From now on i will only be giving my E2's to close friends, they are NOT for sale. Thank you for understanding. If you have any questions about an E2 or an issue with an E2 feel free to DM me on discord, i am still doing E2, i just refuse to give them away to the public anymore as ive seen too many people try and resell my free e2's and take credit for coding them. ThatOneGingie#2139
  10. ThatOneGingie

    yeah u only killed me like 3 times maybe 4 and hobo like 6 or 7
  11. ThatOneGingie

    NGL he was just rdming me, and i was totally fine with it. He was also rdming Hobo, who didnt seem to care either. It was like a mutual rdm war type shit. not sure why he got punished in the first place when nobody called a sit. The admin just sorta flew over after seeing the kill feed and banned him without really asking what was going on +Support
  12. ThatOneGingie

    Who tf is Gengie
  13. also remove the loud ass sounds +support all the mining weapons are legit just minge weapons
  14. ThatOneGingie

    Where my Hotel update @gz
  15. ThatOneGingie

    First of all, you deserve nothing just because you make terrible financial decisions. Second of all, miskie has the right to nerf it if he wishes. Make better decisions next time? Who the fuck spends $150 on a $10 10 year old video game? ( THIS WEAPON MAY BE SUBJECT TO NERFS AND BUFFS IN FUTURE UPDATES!)
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