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  1. ThatOneGingie

    No, you will not be community banned for being friends with someone. If you were staff however you could be demoted.
  2. ThatOneGingie

    -Support Was attempting to pay me a few months ago to help him exploit conflips.
  3. ThatOneGingie

    -Support -Hasn't been on the server much lately -Not a fun guy to be around -Rude -Takes shit wayyy to seriously -Starts beef with 99% of the people he gets into contact with
  4. ThatOneGingie

    this kid looks like the word "Gonorrhea"
  5. Can i get a #FreeGingie in the chat...

    1. #FreeToKe2K19


      and can we also get a #FreeToKe in the chat...

    2. Tim Allen

      Tim Allen

      How long you banned for Gingie?


  6. ive had my name longer than that gay ass overwatch game has been out fag

    they spelled it wrong not me

  7. We live in a society where we cant even be good at video games without being banned and segregated
  8. insulting my skill doesnt make you better than me.
  9. 3 bullets? literally pull down and left The fuck u mean. nice IQ
  10. Saying because i post cheating vids on my youtube i must be cheating is like banning me from Walmart cuz i shop lifted at K-Mart
  11. thats a 6 month old video and has nothing to do with this server. and i wasnt cheating in it.
  12. i dont think u realize how incredibly easy the first 8 ak bullets are if i was spraying the entire mag then sure easy hacks, but im obviously not cheating. ur just as brain-dead as the others.
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