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    Ok Underwear from Toy Story
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    -Waffen SS- "My honor is loyalty" Waffen SS translates to "Armed SS". The Waffen SS consists of Nazi Supporters and volunteers from Nazi Occupied Europe. In this gang, we often do basing/raids or just running around meeting people. Ranks of the Waffen SS : Reichsuhrer-SS (Head Leader) Oberfuhrer (Senior leader) Hauptsturmfuhrer (Assistant Leader) Sturmscharfuhrer (Officer) Sturmann AKA Grunt (Member) Our allies are : Flippy Gang Requirements to join the Waffen SS - Be atleast 14 years old and above - Supports the Reich / You can join if you don't support just don't be a cunt and offend everyone in the gang - Have atleast 10 hours of gameplay and always active - Be nice to gang members or everyone you meet If you would like to join. Add me on steam DEEZ NUTZ
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    that's pretty good.. My name BeZerK SS short for Jeff. I am epic gaymer
  4. Ayyyy
    Same birthday nibba

    1. Exsy


      Ayyy let's get it

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    Hey. that's pretty good
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    Bruh u finna kidnap me so i hate u smh
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    Of course it's Silk. Classic.
  8. Will we keep our items such as weapons,materials for mining and other stuff also our money.
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