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  1. Master Maguku

    LOL that's fine I wasn't really being serious
  2. Master Maguku

    Weren't around when it was
  3. Master Maguku

    K Andy
  4. Master Maguku

    Hello, many of you do not know me. Let me tell you, my name is Master Maguku I was on the server before many of you discovered gmod and I ran the notorious Maguku family bloodline. Had 140+ warns blah blah blah, all jokes aside I'll be comming back since bored of other games and shit.
  5. Oh shit maguku back (idk who you are but you scare me)

    1. Gurm


      Not og enough to know him smh my head

  6. Damn can I get a rest in pussy in chat

  7. Lmao 

    1. Fletch


      Why are you still on these forums.



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