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  1. russian choc was here

  2. you finally resigned 

    1. ImTheLetterE


      youre about a week late

  3. Robert.

    Change Log 2 Added/Updated: General Rules Names are to have at minimum 4 consistent English characters, as well as only being on one line. You may not have the same name, or similar names of staff members. Unless they have a common name (like Pablo). KOS/AOS/DOS Areas Border - Crossing the border while wanted is KOS Building Rules Real world doors may not block off fading doors when breaching charged/lockpicked. All raidables and entities may not be made invisible, colored or materialized. Printers must be able to be easily removed from a base (during a raid or steal). Merchants Weapon shelves may not have any other props colliding into them/no fake weapons. Coyote Coyote may build a border/checkpoint that blocks off access to a part of the map. It may be in the streets or sewers. This will not be considered propblock. The checkpoint may not take over a big section of the map. The inside may also be KOS for valid reasons (ex: not paying). (Like the real border.) The checkpoint may only contain up to 3 fading doors. There must be keypads at each door OR a control panel of buttons inside. The border/checkpoint may not be near any of the spawns. Jobs Coyote - Coyote must be actively patrolling the checkpoint at all times. Coyote - Coyote may build a small border/checkpoint that blocks a section of the map. Coyote - Maximum Crossing Fee - $15,000 Coyote - Permanent Crossing Pass - $150,000 (For 1 day.) Gang Territories Party members may not assist or defend other party members that are in a different gang during takeovers. To defend your territory during a takeover, you must first advert “counter.” You must be next to or inside the territory to advert counter.
  4. Robert.

    Change Log 1 Added/Updated: General Rules Names are to have at minimum 4 consistent English characters. RP Rules Shooting/destroying items & raidables without a valid rp reason is considered FRP. New "KOS/AOS/DOS Areas" Category Building Rules The ramp/platform outside the 2nd floors side door is also always AOS/KOS. Buildings that have connected bases in the sewers are considered one base. You need to have at least one entrance and two exits (if applicable). You must actively be using a house/building you own or it will get removed. You may not have a KOS and Building sign up at the same time. Hobos cannot have a KOS or Building sign. Apartment Building Rules The Apartment Landlord is the only person allowed to build inside the apartment lobbies and hallways. There may be 2 fading doors and 2 windows here. Each room in the apartment is considered a separate base. They may each have 3 fading doors and 2 windows. The apartment manager may only own 1 room to themselves. Adverts & Actions Guidelines You must advert "over" when done with any action. You can not warn someone just to kill them or if they are unable to move. Your warns last for 30 seconds. If the warned person goes away and comes back within the 30 seconds, you may still kill them. Cooldowns Raid s - 30 minute cooldown for raiding the same base. Raids - 10 minute cooldown for raiding the WH, Bank and Border. Counters - 3 minutes cooldown between counters. Steals - 20 minute cooldown between stealing from the same person. Kidnaps - 30 minutes between using the baton to knock the same person out. Placing Hits - 1 minute between placing hits on different people. Placing Hits - 45 minutes between placing hits on the same person. Business Adverts - 2 minutes between adverting your in game business. Government Official Guidelines Laws may not exempt specific people from following them. Permanently Legal and Illegal laws. Jobs Apartment Landlord- The apartment landlord may only base in one of the 2 default apartments. Apartment Landlord - Maximum Room Fee - $35,000 Per Hour Apartment Landlord - You may evict anyone refusing to pay, even if they were there before you. DJ - Allowed to play music through mic. All music must be at a decent volume. Others should be able to hear each other talk in game, over the music. Casino Manager - Maximum VIP Room Fee - 50k Medic - The max you may charge for your service is $20,000. Personal Guard - Maximum Fee - 250k per hour. Foreigner - You must be able to speak english in any staff situation. Hobos - Hobos may not have any raidables. Terrorist - Terrorists may only base in the compound. Terrorist - You may not block off the entrance to the desert, you can have 1 fading door for the entrance to the compound. El Chopo's Wife - El Chapo’s Wife may start border raids. Gang Territories You must be next to/inside the territory when calling the takeover. To defend your territory during a takeover, you must first advert “counter.” If you die at a territory during a takeover, you can not return for 3 minutes. Removed Building Combined bases Government Official Government Officials may advert counter to arrest or kill any raiding class with bank bags. If BP dies while attempting to kill someone in the moat, they can't immediately return to the sandpits to kill the same person if they’re still there You may not have a KOS sign on the stairs of the White House (this applies for CP also) Unarrest baton is permanently legal. Jobs Casino Manager - Casino managers may not allow anyone to steal from the floor safe inside the casino vault / sell money bags from the casino's floor safe. All smuggler rules.
  5. stadium is the worst 

  6. Congrats on drp admin you deserve it man

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    2. Nota


      damn. rocking that clout on both servers.

      Senior Admin on MBRP
      Admin on DRP
      Such clout
      Such Wow
      congrats all the same though! you really do deserve it.

    3. Robert.


      @Notayou forgot the best part, moderator on prp

    4. Andy



  7. stop trying to use shotguns as snipers in rb6

    1. drangia!


      haha this is so funny omg i almost spit out my venti carmel frappuccino with non fat coconut milk exactly 2 1/2 cups of sugar with 4 chocolate drizzles, 6 1/2 pump of caramel drizzle, 3 expresso shots mixed in, extra whip cream, as well as birthday cake pop mixed in with a bit of strawberries on top, chocolate chips, coconut flakes, pump of vanilla, one pump of hazelnut, banana slices mixed in, chocolate shavings coating the bottom, cinnamon dolce and just a pinch of matcha powder

    2. XbutterD
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