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  1. wtf happened to him 

    1. Egg


      He scraped some shit off the AdminCP, Usernames, emails, IP’s, etc

    2. Paul Gregory
  2. i unfollowed then re followed then un followed #cool #gangsta

  3. Braeden you are one of the best people i've met you are just the chilliest guy.

  4. Frosty is daddy ❤️

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    2. Braeden


      I'd like to say that frosty abused and posted this.
      However I don't have an issue with it ;)

    3. Dark
    4. CyberRecon
  5. Just got beaned by azrael 👏
    No one has more dedication than you, weirdo xD

  6. stop being manager 

  7. anime recommendations?

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    2. Soap or Die
    3. Diemania99


      golden spoon


      i don't want ot get hurt so i'll max out my defence

      one piece

      redo of a healer

    4. Varrick The Remiss Soul
  8. soy is a cutie
    for lawful reasons this is false
    This was also said from say so 🤷‍♂️

  9. Frosty a bully 😥 He keeps me hostage. HELP!!

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