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  1. Just because i personally dont have a problem with Nine doesnt mean this report is invalid, a mistake was made by staff members and that's it, this report is as it should be. The user report is totally another subject.(One that i will also complain in the user reports, thanks for the advice though) @Laq Law
  2. Again bro in the ACTUAL report i did not mention that because of the irrelevancy of that argument, thats why i said it especifically to @Nine (Thats why the "@Nine" at the end of my comment...)and not in the report directed to the higher ups. And just as a comment for you, for real your -supports are biased by the fact you only lack reading comprehension, my arguments are totally valid and well explained to whom is directed. Nine apologized and since i have no real problem with his personal self but towards his bad action as staff member... My intention is not to diminish anyones reputation (Besides Omnious, he indeed is an inmature child) but to complain about the abuse in the situation so things like this wont happen againg, by making mistakes you can learn a lot and i hope Nine learns from his admitted mistake, thats all... my arguments all have logic and are respectfully directed towards the community
  3. @JenkinsMcHenkins(Meozu) @Heavy Yes, i see your point but STILL does not remove the fact i already explained above, and yes then i will also file a user report about the Omnious "Ex staff" Guy and oh im glad hes Ex staff because he is so inmature to be one.
  4. Bro @Laq Law are you lacking reading comprehension? Let me rephrase "I have no real problem with the things I LOST" but the situation was completely unfair towards me and still i was the only one left affected by the unjust teleportation and abuse towards the whole "could not raid a normal user so im going to get admin help to do so" and two staff members where there doing nothing towards the unfairness untill Lunaa helped me... Some trial mods dunno 100% how to act and thats understandable but that doesnt remove the fact that this was totally unfair and kinda of abuse...
  5. I have no real problem man i did loose two whole racks and printers but i dont care about the money, but the time taken to get that money, i do not want compensation and i understand, but the guy Omnious was really being so disrespectful and was just crying since he could not raid me... they were both with c4 and i removed the "exceeding" fading doors i was told to remove and it was agreed it was not a fail base when Crazy told me they were coming back to raid me again after i modified the base, so with just 3 fading doors they could get in really easy with their VIP C4s, if they had to lockpick like normal users do then i would have no problem but the guys were LIGHTNING FAST and HAD C4 so they were just CRYING for their lack of ability, and the money compensation for them? God... Woona has like 999million and Omnious 30million(I dont think they really care about "wasting money" while raiding me), so for short they were just crying and if you would have taken more time to listen to me then none of this would have happened. There's the screenshot of the guy Omnious laughing at me and thats what pisses me off, i dont care bout the money or anything inside the server but the DISRESPECT towards me cuz im always so respectful to admins or players in the server but when crybabys like Omnious appear and make fun of me i cannot abide. @Nine
  6. Yes yes all that is true and it happened, and i agreed and did as you told me about my base (Then i was preapared to be raided legitly) but then Omnious got tped inside my base and that is the reason for complaint. The teleportation inside my base, im not able to check logs but now with information provided you admins @drangia! can check logs and see the time of my death compared to the time of the teleportation. Thats where all de evidence is. Besides the fact that UsersVIP "Woona" "Omnious" and "Nine" two being the richest in the server are always basing/are buddies... i dunno where's the lack of evidence, if EVERYTHING must be recorded to be taken as actual evidence then theres not much point of having these forum discussions...
  7. @drangia! Sadly i was just there doing money so i did not have the record app opened. With further investigation you can determine who was brought by looking at a steamid finder. @crazypes Now now if it wasnt you then it was Nine...? But you two were the admins present so either you or nine did it, if you want to blame nine then go ahead, and about your fading door argument yes, and i removed them when you told me to then said "go ahead and try to raid me again" since you had told me they had the right to raid me again after i fixed my base... then the teleportation happened and i died and no further action was taken. Lunaa saw they culprits running away with my stuff when i called him. There's the mock message user Omnious sent me right after it happened.
  8. Your in-game name: Joaquin Guzman el chapo Staff members name: CA CrazyPes/Nine(?) not sure but there were 2 admins the second one did nothing but fly around Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_0:0:1571 34 284 Explain what happened: So two dudes(VIP) came to raid me(Some user named Woona and Omnious), they blew up my fading doors and one of them got killed, then Omnious came immediatly back after dying while Woona waited outside, they were complaining about my base, i was standing far back in my building when they called an admin, then Crazy came instructed me to remove certain things about my base and i did, then everything was settled, Crazy claimed i had killed one of them in a sit so he was going to come back to raid again with his buddy and he did and i agreed, then suddenly Crazy came flying in my base and teleported omnious right besides me allowing him to kill me without saying anything, they then proceeded to disapear and let them destroy my 2 complete Bitcoin Racks and 2 Diamond money printers. I then called a sit with (Lunaa) wonderfull admin and provided me with the evidence... while in the sit with lunaa user "Omnious" pmed me making fun of the situation. And i got to say that admins involved totally acted unfairly since i was being respectful as i always am and userVIP omnious was cursing me so and so, they were TWO VIPs raiding me a normal user with C4 but since their skill and advantage over me, a normal user was not enough to beat me then the admin situation unfolded resulting in this complaint. Normally i dont complain but this is just so unfair. pd. they were complaining about the imposibility to raid my base while theirs was equally imposible to raid(Screenshots provided) Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)
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