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    Overall id agree, I pretty much gave up on this due to how p2w god class is, Against normal classes rping they just dominate, Along with against the majority of Customclass's The issues are its health in comparison to classes its speed and that broken lock pick, The excuse you paid this and that so it shouldnt be adjusted is dumb asf, You can look on the store all the custom weapons state "( THIS WEAPON MAY BE SUBJECT TO NERFS AND BUFFS IN FUTURE UPDATES!)" "" Which logically should also apply to god class, Truthfully i think the health is the smaller issue, The fairest way to balance it since raiding is what it ruins (Police/Mayor stand next to no chance) Along with 90% of the classes well basing. My suggestion would be take away its lock pick and replace it with the one custom classes get, Thus stopping this speed run lock pick crap thats the real issue, Which gives people time to counter god classes which massively balances things
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