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  1. PawPatrol

    Major -support Very toxic, unfriendly player, you do things just to piss off other people. Can't and don't want to see you on the admin team.
  2. PawPatrol

    There's a big difference between "I'm mad" and "You're just a prick". You hardly did anything bad to me. Anyway glad to hear that.
  3. PawPatrol

    Yeah ik
  4. PawPatrol

  5. PawPatrol

    Coin flips are gay.
  6. PawPatrol

    Kidz bop only.
  7. PawPatrol

    At least leave and stop coming back in the server with a different username like people don't know who you are. Bye and you won't be missed by me.
  8. PawPatrol

    Yo thanks my nig Carmen
  9. PawPatrol

    Ayy it's Paw Patrol guys. I joined the server a few weeks ago. Looked kinda weird at first and I thought about not coming back but in the end it's cool I guess so ye. You may already know me from MBRP where I usually make Casinos that don't look like puke (as most people do). Usually I am a fun guy that f*cks around unless you're an annoying prick but most of you guys are k and I love you. Few things about me are that I can kinda sing and I sometimes do in-game as a hobo or whatever, I play some other games like GTA, Counter Strike and I would play a lot more if my pc wasn't garbage. I am a proud mother of a BMW so if you're a BMW guy come talk to me. That's all I guess for now... hope we can chill and have a good time with everyone. And i'm kinda gay so don't hate.
  10. PawPatrol

    Anything just don't make the server look like star wars.
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