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    So I got warned for FailRp and RDM which I agreed to and I got jailed which was fine with me. But when I finished my sentence I raided another guy waited 10 more minutes then went back to raid him. So I lockpick the door kill him with my shot gun then he comes back win an AK and shoots me. I then came back to his base and killed him since it was NLR and he was not supposed to come back then he came the 2nd time and said why are you raiding me I have nothing then I said why are you NLR then he said you can report me it will do nothing then he said you forgot one more thing to report and kills me again win an AK then he says you forgot to say RDM I came back again and killed him but he told some other thief to counter for the raid then I stopped coming back and told the guy who counters RDM but I didn't know what counter is so I let it off then I logged off to eat and go for soccer practice and I see I have NLRx2 and I got LTAP just because I left to do so and he just reported like 5 minutes after I left then I get accused of LTAP.
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