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  1. Nutla

    Ez https://gyazo.com/8c2d7cdffd302051468669ea797369d2
  2. This is also my work space...
  3. Nutla

    This does not help your case in any way. If the staff ask for something then provide it. If you don't have it then there is nothing that can be done. Plain and simple.
  4. Nutla

  5. I'm still not dead yet... :)

    1. IsThrill


      GG +Support

    2. Buttered Roll

      Buttered Roll

      +support for reasons stated above

    3. Yo soy Jack

      Yo soy Jack

      +/- support

      - needs improvement 

  6. Miss me yet?

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    2. GhosTy


      Come back prp is diyin

    3. Mr Hobo
    4. Andy


      I don't know who you think you are but I dont think anyone knows you

  7. Nutla

    [Added] You may not seal off tool cupboards.
  8. What is your best memory of me?🤔

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    2. GhosTy


      When you were just a mod and i was able to abuse you 

    3. Chocobo


      That time you rdmed me in a sit with @GhosTy

    4. ThatOneGingie


      The day u get perma banned and demoted

  9. Nutla

    Updated* You may only use Music E2s on GoKarts if they are stationary, but you may not use E2's that alter go-karts or vehicles in any way.
  10. We need some more police force applications!!! Go apply! You never know...you may like it :)

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    2. drangia!


      He said Police Force. Not staff lol

    3. drangia!


      @GhosTy denied re apply in 5 years

    4. Lyren Trou

      Lyren Trou

      @drangia! uhh. . *leaves chat*


  11. So when are we fighting?

  12. Worst voice ever

    like 0/∞

    smells like eggs

    1. GhosTy


      You spelt “worst manager” wrong nutla

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