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  1. Nutla

    I will lift your restriction. Do not do this again.
  2. Nutla

    DENIED. Next time don't make alt accounts and upvote your own staff app. I'd suggest getting to know the community first before applying. You may re-apply in 2 weeks.
  3. Nutla

    ^ That would take away from the RP of the Police. ^ We would have to develop this type of addon. It may or may not be possible. ^ This job seems like it could add to the RP of the server and will be discussed with Miskie. ^ Custom map - Yes | Custom weapons - Could be discussed in a future update || Rule Page for Grey Areas - Possible ||| Custom Jobs - No |||| Contraband scanners are about the same as a weapons checker but this could be a possibility |||| Up-gradable cars - You can hold C and check the customization of the car |||| Police scanner jammers - Would have to be developed. |||| Unboxing system is unknown at this time. We will have M9K at this time unless another weapons pack is chosen. There will be a ranking system for police. You can not just hop on the server and become a sergeant right off the bat. So basically no for the applications. There is a system that may be implemented that features this. ATM's however will not be added at this time. Cops will have to go through a "TA" or training academy to rise through the ranks so if they really want it then they will have to pass the training or be denied.
  4. Nutla

    Hey everyone! This is going to be the forum post for all PRP suggestions. I need some help with what the players would want in PoliceRP. Please leave as many as you want! Disclaimer: Please serious suggestions only. Shit-posting will result in your comment being hidden and warned with possible forum restrictions.
  5. how do i send a ban appeal

    or can i just send it to u


  6. Nutla

    Rules added on 12/16/18: Dealers may build on sidewalks and parks but must not block any parking lots or ways of travel. There may not be KOS laws at any time! You may not sell your entities such as printers or any other money making entities to other players at any time.
  7. Nutla

    ExhibitionRP CityRP Rules: General Rules Use common sense. Staff is here to help, if there is no rule listed or its specifications, staff may tell you what is and isn't allowed. Do not RDM - (RDM is killing someone with no proper roleplay motive). Do not RDA - (Random Arrest, Arresting someone without a valid arrest reason). Do not VDM (RDM but with car). You may kill anyone that is on your property only without a KOS sign! If they leave the property you may not kill them. No offensive or inappropriate text signs. Sidewalks are public property and may not be built on except for Job Specific Classes. Using, bending, or manipulation of the rules to RDM/Minge/Troll is not allowed. Anyone caught will be punished. Do not metagame (Using the wrong chats /advert or ooc). Do not Break NLR - (New Life Rule is acting in roleplay upon something which occurred prior your characters last death. You may return to the area which your previous character died after 3 minutes or during a raid the raider adverts "OVER"). Crossfire is still considered RDM. Do not try to RP with a staff member who is on duty. Use @ and ask for a SIT if you have a problem. Do not job abuse - (Job abuse is mainly for government jobs, but can apply for others. Failing to fulfill a role in your job is considered job abuse). Calling False sits are not allowed (Making sits unnecessary or difficult by lying, stalling, or being a minge). Do not FDA (Fading door abuse is when you use your fading door bind key during a roleplay situation). Do not spam Staff, OOC, Advert, or general chat. Mic spamming is also not allowed. (This will result in a mute) Do not prop climb/block/surf/abuse. Do not be disrespectful to staff or other members. Do not advertise any server or links. If you are being mugged you cannot pull out a gun as it is FearRP. Do not car minge (Ramming into people). You may not defend random people, only your party members, gang members, allied gang members, and occupants of your base. Staff have final say so on any punishments or jail times. (If you feel that your punishment is invalid then please make a staff/user report.) Do not staff the staff members. They are here to help you. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and if found, will result in a immediate ban! You may not sell your entities such as printers or any other money making entities to other players at any time. Building Rules You are allowed max 3 Fading doors. Each player is only allowed to own 1 base at a time. Hidden Rooms are not allowed. No no-collided bases or secret rooms. Keypads must be clearly visible. Your fading doors must be on for 5 seconds minimum. KOS Areas are only allowed within the property. Do not propblock rooms. Do not buy doors in other buildings except yours. Do not hide your printers inside other props making them untouchable. Fake keypads are not allowed. Crouch bases are not allowed. Do not build in the middle of the street only sidewalks if you are Homeless. You cannot have any raidables (i.e. printers, bitcoin miners, or anything that can make money) with a building sign. You cannot build in admin only accessible areas. Parkour bases are not allowed. Mega Bases are NOT allowed. Any base that confuses players or purposely deceives players (i.e. maze, black-out, parkour, or slide bases) are not allowed. Raiding Rules Do not glitch inside of bases. You must advert "RAID" outside of the base you are raiding. You must advert "OVER" outside where you advert raid when finished. Do not spawn props while raiding. You cannot raid bases with a building sign. You cannot raid or mug The Homeless. Base takeovers are not allowed. No building barricades during any raids. Raid cooldown is 10 minutes for different bases, 20 minutes for the same person and/or base. Job Rules FIREMAN: You may not farm fires. (Purposefully assisting in making of fires to make money by putting them out.) You must remain neutral during police investigations. (You can not be biased towards one party if you respond to a crime scene.) You may only drive fire-trucks. You must put any fire you see out. You are a public servant, you must follow all laws. PARAMEDIC: You may only drive ambulances. You may not KOS anyone. You must provide service to anyone that requests it. You are a public servant, you must follow all laws. You must remain neutral during police investigations. (You can not be biased towards one party if you respond to a crime scene.) TOW TRUCK DRIVERS: You may only drive a tow-truck. You may only charge a maximum of $5,000 per tow. If someone pays their fine, you must release the car to the owner of the car. You are a public servant, you must follow all laws. BANK MANAGER: You may only have a building sign up for 10 minutes. You must have one stand open to the public at all times. You may base in the bank, but the vault must be accessible by anyone at all times. You may not allow people to rob the bank. You may KOS players if they are past the second door of the bank or in the vault. BANK GUARD: You must listen to the bank manager at all times. You must have the bank managers approval to build in the bank. You may only KOS players if they are past the second door of the bank or in the vault. DEALERS OR MERCHANTS: You may only "self-supply" to provide a way to defend yourself. Chefs may self-supply You must actively sell your intended products. You are not allowed to raid, mug, kidnap, etc. You must have a KOS sign for your store with a valid KOS Reason. Dealers may build on sidewalks and parks but must not block any parking lots or ways of travel. GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES: Government Employees can not commit crimes. Government Employees can only base in the government owned buildings. FBI are the only class that can base in other bases for sting operations. You must actively protect and listen to the Police Chief, President, and Swat Chief at all times. You may not place hits. You may not RDA or RDC. (Random Arrest or Random Cuff with out a valid RP reason!) You may only KOS a criminal if they shoot you or another Government Employee and do damage. You may not point your weapons at players unless it is a crime or have a valid RP reason. You may AOS anyone that isn't being escorted in any un-authorized areas of PD. President, Police Chief, or Swat Chief are the only roles that may set areas that are un-authorized to the public within the PD. Any illegal items confiscated from raids or arrests must be Destroyed or stored in Evidence Room. You may only taze players for breaking the law. Jobs that do not spawn with taser may not use it. You may not arrest any other goverment official. The president is the only class that can have Government Employees arrested. He must advert "Arrest <Player's Name> <Reason>". If there is a government employee arrested without a valid RP reason then the President will be held accountable and be punished for FailRP. Government Employees may raid with a valid warrant and must advert "POLICE RAID". Valid warrant reasons include illegal items, hostages, etc. There may not be KOS laws at any time! Adverting Rules You must advert before performing any actions that relate to your current class. Universal binds are not allowed! (Multiple adverts in one advert. I.E. "/advert Mug/Kidnap/Raid") Parties may advert "PARTY" then the action they are making such as Raid, Kidnap, Mug, etc. This lets all members of party participate in the action at the same time. All members that participated within the action in the party will still follow proper cool-down timers. Raids may not exceed 10 minutes. You must advert "MUG" within your advert. You must specifiy what you want within your advert. I.E. "Mug! Drop 10k or Die". You must give player a minimum of 10 seconds before you can kill the player. Mugging can not exceed $10,000. Mugging may only occur once ever 10 minutes for each individual. 20 minutes for the same individual. You can not mug someone with a weapon out. You may only advert "COUNTER" if a party member, gang member, or job specific role to yourself is attacked or is currently a victim of a crime. You may advert "WARN" players to step away from you or your property. You must advert "WARN" 3 times with reasonable amount of time for a player to leave before you can act upon your action. You must advert "KIDNAP" before knocking our your victim. You must wait 10 minutes before kidnapping another player. But must wait 15 minutes before kidnapping the same person. You may only have a maximum ransom of $25,000 for your captive. You may only keep your captive for a maximum of 5 minutes. You must advert "BANK RAID" or "PD RAID" before raiding either of these buildings and it must be for the correct building. You may advert "CAR JACK" and steal a players car. You must wait 10 minutes before stealing another persons car. You may not "CAR JACK" a staff member on duties car. If the staff member is roleplaying then it is allowed. You must advert "STEAL" before taking anyone's entities. You may only steal once every 5 minutes.
  8. Zae

    Rather work under this faggot 

    than the drp head staff ❤️

  9. That moment when CRP have a manager even tho the server is not out yet

    and mbrp don't

  10. What's on your mind?

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      me thinking crp staff was a thing 


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