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  1. Miss me yet?

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    2. GhosTy


      Come back prp is diyin

    3. Mr Hobo
    4. Andy


      I don't know who you think you are but I dont think anyone knows you

  2. Nutla

    [Added] You may not seal off tool cupboards.
  3. What is your best memory of me?🤔

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    2. GhosTy


      When you were just a mod and i was able to abuse you 

    3. Chocobo


      That time you rdmed me in a sit with @GhosTy

    4. ThatOneGingie


      The day u get perma banned and demoted

  4. Nutla

    Updated* You may only use Music E2s on GoKarts if they are stationary, but you may not use E2's that alter go-karts or vehicles in any way.
  5. We need some more police force applications!!! Go apply! You never know...you may like it :)

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    2. drangia!


      He said Police Force. Not staff lol

    3. drangia!


      @GhosTy denied re apply in 5 years

    4. Lyren Trou

      Lyren Trou

      @drangia! uhh. . *leaves chat*


  6. So when are we fighting?

  7. Worst voice ever

    like 0/∞

    smells like eggs

    1. GhosTy


      You spelt “worst manager” wrong nutla

  8. how do i send a ban appeal

    or can i just send it to u


  9. Nutla

    Exhibition City Roleplay Ranks and Roles. These are the main owners of the server. Manages the community as a whole, managing ExhibitionRP's future communities. Manages the staff team as for one of ExhibitionRP's servers. -Accept/Deny Applications: Yes - Demote/Promote staff members: No (Must report and get approval from Community Manager before making such actions) Head Admins is the highest rank that a staff member can be promoted to, HA's handle the server and makes sure that rules are being followed. They make great role models for future newcomers on the Exhibition Staff Team. HA's may handle ban appeals on the forums of those who are in lower positions on the Staff Roster. -Ban Time: Permanent -Host Events: No -Set Ranks: No -Ban Appeals: Yes -Snap: Yes -Train: Yes Admin is the third highest rank that a staff member can be promoted to, Admin is a rank only the trusted and hardworking may earn. Dedication towards the server is a must to achieve this position. Admins are to make sure senior-moderators, moderators, and Trial Mods are handling sits correcting and all n all the server rules are being followed within the server. At this position, the staff member is granted access to being able to snap players. Being able to handle more serious issues within the community. -Ban Time: 8 weeks -Host Events: No -Set Ranks: No -Ban Appeals: No -User Reports: Yes -Snap: Yes -Train: Yes Senior Moderator is Moderator but with more privileges and advantages. SM's are to moderate the community and make sure the server rules are being followed. Senior moderators are able to ban for longer and train Trial Moderators. -Ban Time: 2 weeks -Host Events: No -Set Ranks: No -Ban Appeals: No -Snap: No -Train: Yes (Supervision required from an Administrator+) Moderator is where Trial Mods are officially ready to begin the actual world of staffing, this is where it all begins. Once a Trial Mod has passed the test, they will be set to the first actual position of staffing. Moderator. Moderators are to moderate the server and help the server's community with any issue on the server. They are to moderate and make sure players are following Exhibition's rules. -Ban Time: 2 days. -Jail/JailTP -Mute -Gag Trial Mod, is the starting rank once you apply and get accepted. If you show trust, dedication, and profession, you will be moved up to moderator where you're considered an actual ExhibitionRP Staff member! Trial Mod is for newcomers to learn our ways of the staff team and to master how we operate. -Ban Time: 16 hours -Jail/JailTP -Mute -Gag
  10. Nutla

    Exhibition PRP Staff Roster Miskie StayFrosty gz Zae ---------------- Buttered Roll Lyren Trou Chocobo Voren Larry officercam9 floodedmarathon Dezzy Tony Reggitoni PoliceRP Volunteer Azreal Brand Worlld Majistic NoFakeFRL Thorobred Kudaa
  11. Zae

    Rather work under this faggot 

    than the drp head staff ❤️

  12. That moment when CRP have a manager even tho the server is not out yet

    and mbrp don't

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