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    Discord:B̶l̶o̶o̶d#9084 Age:13 SteamID64 (ex. 76561198023962184): Previous Experience: None With EMS why do you think you should be LT(5+ Sentences): I think I should be Lt Because There are not many higher Ranking Ems. And if i were EMS Lt i would be on everyday so i didn't lose the opportunity of that rank. If i do get this rank i hope to populate EMS so we have more EMS active and as i saw in discord DranGia! Said that people were complaining that they haven't been train for days. I believe that I Can Change That if I get this rank. Tho i don't have much Experience in EMS I have Experience in other Departments and that Experience I have could be put to Good use in EMS. Those are the Reasons i Believe That i should become a EMS LT. Are/Can You be active? If so, then how active?: I can be on everyday from 3pm EST to 2am EST And if i cant be on at a certain time i will msg the EMS Cheif Do you have any recommendations from other in-game players? (Please provide screenshots if necessary): BeanTownRican,Worlld Are you aware you CANNOT be bias while EMS: Yes i am Aware. Have you been punished for breaking server rules: Yes Twice.
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