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  1. hellosir

    I don’t see how y’all are giving minus or neutral supports, makes me thing you guys aren’t watching the video, but just reading the replies, and as for us “both” being in the wrong, never have I ever in alllll my time playing on this server seen anybody get jailed, or even a stern talking to, about stabbing somebody while in adminmode. I mean even admins do it. Now, you could go as far as to say I was minging, but minge (a 5 minute jail) does not even begin to compare to what he did. And since this is takin sooo long: @Damplips @Sweatshop Boi
  2. hellosir

    Don’t tell me you don’t know the rules.. allow me to explain, GOVERNMENT KOS IN MEXICO. And as for the baiting, i was not baiting in this case. How am I going to bait someone into unjailing someone.. doesn’t make sense
  3. hellosir

    Arguing doesn’t not make a valid Staff report invalid, all the points I’m making are legitimate. There’s no point in having this as a topic to have people respond if arguing is not allowed. This is meant so that we can argue. Sure lock this, but not worth a deny just because we’re arguing. And explain how this is a waste of time. Your staff do not act as they should, it is 100% worth all of our time to improve MBRP’s staff team. You guys say all this stuff to defend your staff because it’s a valid report? The point of these reports are to make the staff learn from his mistakes. If you watch the video there’s no way you can say he didn’t do anything wrong. If this gets denied because of arguing, then you got some corrupt managers, I’d like to see Miskie just brush this off because I’m arguing. Keep in mind, he could be treating other players like this, and if I didn’t have video proof and if I didn’t know what I was talking about, I would have gotten jailed and probably never played this server again. And I’ll just leave this here: No clipping in a non administrative fashion. Using your powers in an abusive manner. Using administrative powers to harass and bother players.
  4. hellosir

    Your in-game name: some faggot Staff members name: LingLong Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/): Y’all got it Explain what happened: So I got RDM’d not only did I check to make sure he wasn’t in a party, but the dude admitted it himself. Took about an hour for LingLong to finally tell me that he unjailed him. He claims that BP can defend each other without being in a party. Any good staff member knows that that is not true, nor does it say it in the rules anywhere. Also this dude thinks cops can KOS people who kill BP... dummy. Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)
  5. hellosir

    When you yourself are getting RDMd you cannot go into admin mode to stop it, that IS admin abuse. Also I’m not sure if you’re retarded or just retarded, but in the video I clearly wasn’t just MRDMing, you did in fact bait me. Don’t act dumb By the way, is I was MRDMing, you could stop me, but only jail/ban me for the other RDM’s, you can’t punish for yours, but that’s clearly not the case as you can see in the video
  6. hellosir

    Case closed. That’s admin abuse at its finest. Not to mention you froze me until another staff member was available. (And keep in mind this is obviously not what happened, he was just baiting me, but if he wants to lie about it he can.) R0bert either way you look bad in this video, no matter how you explain yourself. You either admin abused which is the path you seem to like more, or you were just baiting me which is a dick move. A little tip, if your getting stabbed while in admin mode, ignore it.
  7. hellosir

    I definitely was looking for trouble, I like to go on servers and kind of test their admins. I don’t necessarily break rules (If you saw my ban appeal, the fact that props do damage caught me off guard lol) but I instead learn as much as I can about the server so I myself don’t make any fuck ups. I then fuck other people over on the server (like so) and it’s fun for me. Looking for trouble should not be a factor here, I could have been a noob with one hour on gmod for all you guys know, and this would have made me quit your server. It’s the principle of the whole thing. Have you ever seen anybody ever get punished for attacking an admin while in admin mode? I guarantee 98% of your staff team would not give two fucks, if anything, just phys me away/freeze me, which would have been a little different - not abuse, just annoying for me. It’s a different case if I was for example trying to knockout the admin, then I would understand your neutral support, but in this case, what he did was uncalled for and unprofessional. Also something I’d like to point out, when autistic shotgun wasn’t there, he said ARDM in a sit, when he was there and got his sit taken, he claimed he simply went out of admin mode and got stabbed, that’s it (if you remember I agreed with it because it’d be more Staff abuse imo than what he actually did (going in admin mode to escape an RP situation/freezing me)) Also he tried to bait me a total of 3 times, even in front of shotgun he tried to bait me.
  8. hellosir

    Your in-game name: some faggot Staff members name: R0bert Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/): You guys can get it. Explain what happened: So I start off watching him do a sit, he randomly physguns me (Not that big of a deal) and then as I stab him while he was in adminmode, he gets out of admin mode so that he takes damage, but I don't stab him that time because I had time to react. Keep in mind he was still no clipping, which you're not allowed to no clip unless being in admin mode. He then goes back into admin mode and I start stabbing him some more, he does the same thing, unadmin mode and goes right back into admin mode, freezes me with his physgun, and claims "Attempted RDM in a sit" So baiting new players to break rules, and technically admin abusing as when I stabbed him, he was then in an RP situation with me, and he went back into admin mode. Later in the video you hear him say "So I don't get RDMed by you" which is in fact admin abuse, you can't just go into admin mode and freeze a player that tries to rdm you. So then in the sit he says that I damaged him while not in admin mode, and while true, he neglected the fact that he just went out of it and back in real quick. So my typing in the sit can get confusing since I was just playing along with what he said. If he wasn't in admin mode like he was, then it would be blatant admin abuse since he had no reason to go into admin mode after I stabbed him, however we know this is not the case. So yeah I play along with it for a little saying things like "Why would you go into admin mode if I stabbed you, that's admin abuse. But yeah thats my side of the story 😛 All of that is in the 5 min video, with one small edit during the sit for privacy reasons, all that was said in chat by me was still there after the cut, and the only thing R0bert said during the cut was "I picture you as some 13 year old, that's why you're acting like this" But I don't really care too much about that, even though admins should be held to a higher standard and not be disrespectful to people during sits, but doesn't matter since I cut it out. If you don't want to read all of that, just watch the video. And if you’re wondering what the point of all this is, I’m not sure if this would even equal a punishment, but I think you should know how your staff act when there’s no higher ups on Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)
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