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  1. I like to fire bomb presumably vacant buildings and run away, just a good exercise and a nice little thrill

  2. Lgbtq = lame, gay, bum, tretard, qum 

  3. Rep this post for chungus Mungus gameplay 

  4. Only took 4 years 💪🏿

  5. Mad or mad nah mad nah Are you mad or nah?

  6. You mad or nah?

  7. You mad or nah?

  8. You mad or nah?

  9. You mad or nah?

  10. You mad or nah?

  11. You mad or nah?

    1. YeNan
    2. Yo soy Jack

      Yo soy Jack

      Happy time with George 

  12. You mad or nah?

    1. mexigrant


      yes people keep follow me and leave reaction 

  13. You mad or nah?

  14. aint nobody with more pfp views than me, #popular 

  15. Can’t keep a good man down 

    1. Smuth


      No you can not 

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