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  1. Hello Jmanp, I saw on the ban appeals section in the forums that my ban appeal was no longer there. May I ask why?

  2. That was a False ban by the way Jmanp

  3. im on the team speak and i meggaged u

  4. Change my rank on the website please?


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    2. Jmanp


      That would be your job my friend :)

    3. ᕼᖻᕵᘉᓍSᓰS


      I would not be able to tell him until friday..

    4. ᕼᖻᕵᘉᓍSᓰS


      You know my familys rules

  5. What do you mean


    1. Jmanp


      You posted your ban appeal in the Star Wars RP Ban Appeal section. You got banned on DarkRP so post it in the DarkRP section. I moved it there for you already.

    2. loveiebuter


      Oh am very sorry about that sir will not happen again.

    3. Jmanp
  6. In reply to your latest comment on the application they should not have to specify what server they are applying for seeing as it is IN the SWRP APPLICATION area. You can take 2 seconds of your life to look up at the top of the post and see. Please be more careful next time. And when commenting on an application don't say you "denied" it. Denied means the application was not accepted and applications can only be denied or accepted by a Manager+ on SWRP. Please next time use a + or - support.

    1. Rybrex


      ^ Also do not give -support on a server you don't really know about.  (My mistake if you join the SWRP as well)

    2. Rybrex


      This is Unnacceptable. 

  7. You wanna change my name To Teta The Shit? Please and thank you

  8. Can you change my name on the website to Mace Windu?

  9. I LOVE these new Tags/Icons for Ranks. They are amazing.

  10. Wanna get my rank setup B?

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    2. Jmanp


      Nvm was just glitched sorry.

    3. Rybrex


      If you have any problems HMU! 

    4. Jmanp


      Will do, ttyl man

  11. Hey b, mind moving Raccoons application from DarkRP to SWRP?

  12. y you no get head-admin for  swrp


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