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  1. Ultra Instinct Kaboom

    His steam: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198385955276 screenshoot: he killed me more then 10 times mass rdm the whole server in total i'd say its 30+ kills or so for the past hour
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  3. Ultra Instinct Kaboom

    what about the bank? im vip shouldn't i get more space?
  4. Ultra Instinct Kaboom

    i donated im a vip not sure about the shutgun but atleast have the gun to kill someone with 1 shot paying 400k for 5 pieces is expensive
  5. Ultra Instinct Kaboom

    A: More pages to the bank to store stuff Edit the double barrel damage to kill a person with 1 shot A: Workshop no link A: Well cuz i think at least another page to the bank would be good to store more weapons since there isn't alot of space since it cost 400k you should at least give the right amount of damage for an expensive gun ya know.... '<_<'
  6. Ultra Instinct Kaboom

    Mass RDM and Breaking NLR Multiple Times by " GabeKL " - " STEAM_0:1:111029703 " it was like an hour ago or so so pls take it he will do it again
  7. Ultra Instinct Kaboom

    Tried to clear the shelf for the weapons and it seems to not work correctly https://youtu.be/xfjy3JOkY28
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