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  1. Bubbles

    Also Rdm Manager shows who dealt damage to both users just rightclick and show "damage to killer"
  2. Bubbles

    +Support. I mean the evidence is bad, and more would be better, but I can sorta see how Tojo killed someone (against law) so this man went and arrested him, then he gets jailed for "rda" even though it seems he had a valid reason. I may change my vote if more evidence leads towards it being something else, but it does show him legally being able to arrest Tojo then getting jailed for it EDIT: I Am changing my vote from +Support to -Support as Thrill explained what happened and backed up his reasoning for jailing you. This is derailing a application. Doesn't matter what you missed out on its his opinion and you take what you get served in life. -Support
  3. Bubbles

    Must state why bud.
  4. Bubbles

    not what im going for its being me tho i wouldnt consider myself cool
  5. Bubbles

    I am a pretty cringy guy
  6. Bubbles

    boo spookie ghost says noooo
  7. Bubbles

    does kudaa like cbt still?
  8. Bubbles

    Hello, Some of you may know me for my old username, which is fine I don't really care. I've turned a new face and decided to focus on school. If I hop on the server its for one of a few things. I'm bored or feel like messing around. If I bother you ingame i'm sorry for anything may happens... If I once hated you or despised you I will give you another chance and hope to meet all of you that play on the server. Starting tomorrow 9/9/19 I will have most likely forgot everyone and will need to build relationships back up. I was fun knowing ya'll and hope to meet new people. Except Zoro.. he's my friend P.S. if you say who I am... mostlikely will cry.. 😭
  9. Bubbles

    Bruh u aren't even a minge U sucked at the game and it was funny to make fun of u. Doubt you've changed let me be the test of ur more mature self..
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