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  1.  Sorry about my 87 warns I have a careless little brother who likes to be bad and mess around I am indeed very sorry for my terrible actions.

    1. loveiebuter


      No but  I suck at grammer god



    2. Fletch


      You're little brother earns himself a lot of warns when he is on the server, and doesn't seem too care about receiving them as well. 

    3. loveiebuter
  2. Lmao just because a ban appeal is for like 4 months ago doesn't mean you just deny it, I would ask if they have any proof,  etc. then if they don't have it, deny it. Just sayin what I would do

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    2. Carmine


      @Kegster Tagging everyone who will take your side doesn't scare me. I have seen enough as my time as staff to know that people don't work as a team. The staff aren't doing their job they are goofing around in admin land shooting each other, building things, hanging out, listening to music having fun (which is fine) but not while calls are constantly flooding in so fast as to the point where most are disappearing and they players never get the help they need.

    3. Carmine


      Some staff* I may add their are some who are great I will admit though

    4. fesh



      Anyone to continue this shit gets a forum warning

  3. Hey man i wasn't cheating, Cheating:"act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination" I'm only testing so i can sell them like my csgo hacks, a nigga's gotta make money some how. 

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    2. BicBoi [TC]
    3. Fletch


      Even if you "didn't have any intent" too use them on the server, they are not allowed and even having them loaded up can get you perma-banned.

    4. TeddaTheMan



  4. fesh


    1. Jukko


      !warn fesh staff disrespect

  5. wait

    owww, lil cutie.

    1. Jukko


      That's her-ass-meant. Get deported

    2. wait
  6. I cant msg you but I want to be whitelisted on maguku I can make a deal with you and blizz since hes the owner

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