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  1. BabySwayy

    -Support Follow TOS Not a Great Staff App MBRP Staff Don't know you (Could be good, but most likely not)
  2. BabySwayy

    -Support Was Perm banned for Doxing Deal with him in a lot of sits Not active in discord or on forums Mingy in game
  3. BabySwayy

    Oh God another Dylan... Welcome to the server nonetheless!!
  4. BabySwayy

    Try this first
  5. BabySwayy

    -Support Haven't seen you on No recent forums/discord activity Only time I've seen you on was today
  6. BabySwayy

    -Support Just one sentence Demoted Banned Recently Went Inactive In Game Not really active on discord/forums
  7. BabySwayy

    Forgot what MBRP Spawn looked like, I only have like 1 hour on MBRP.
  8. BabySwayy

    +Support Pretty Clear Evidence for the Propblocking
  9. BabySwayy

    +Support Shorten the time it takes for safe zone to trigger
  10. BabySwayy

    That isn't your steamid. Post your profile into this https://steamid.io/
  11. BabySwayy

    +Support Active Doesn't Minge Never dealt with a sit about them -Support Ban History Overall: +Support
  12. The videos don't show much except you rdming him... But Faze Purplesmoke only logs on to Exhibition servers in order to cause as much trouble as he can and try to get away with it. So I do think he should get a community ban.
  13. BabySwayy

  14. BabySwayy

    -Support -Inactive on server -Inactive on Discord/Forums -Doesn't Meet Requirements -Deleted app several times -Copied and Pasted another staff members app
  15. BabySwayy

    I mean +Support but staff were on...
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