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  1. Hardcore Apple

    +support I think he should get a second chance I belive his application looks like he will make changes
  2. Hardcore Apple

    +support good friend on a lot he says he knows most of the rules but what I have seen he knows alot of them
  3. Hardcore Apple

    Your Username: A:Steam:J.P. Morgan IG:Hardcore Apple Your SteamID: A:STEAM_0:1:105070768 Your Discord Name and #: A:Leader of the Deep#0169 Have you ever been punished on ExhibitionRP? If so, why?: A:Yes because I started the server off as a minge but I have improved and want to make the server better Your Age: A:14 Your Timezone: A:Eastern US Time Played: A:82 hours Staffing Experience (Optional): A:Yes IceFuse MRP Why should you be accepted to the staff team? (One Paragraph): As a staff member I would bring things to the table that other staff member may not have. I take no bias in race or gender, of which I think is a very important thing to have as a staff member. I have qualities that make qualified for staff. I have respect for any person I interact with, it does not matter if the person is a higher up or not, I will always show every single person utmost respect. I am also a very friendly guy, I make people feel as their story matters as much as the others story. I should be trusted on the staff team because I am very serious, I have a reputation with many people of the MBRP community I plan on doing as much as possible, whether it’s making a document that would help out fellow members of the community or make a member feel welcome to the server and helping them out. Becoming a staff member is very important to me .I enjoy helping out others, doing so gives me a spark of joy. I will always prioritize my staff work over roleplay and have the tickets time reduced as much as possible. If another staff member needs help with something that I have the ability to help out with, then I’ll go to that given person right away. How often can you be on the server?: 10+hours a day Are you familiar with the rules?: A:Very Are you aware that you will lose a large amount of RP time on the server? A:Yes What rank are you on the server (VIP, VIP+, User): A:Exhibitionist
  4. Hardcore Apple

    -Support -Arguing with staff (ON THE APP!) -No Poll
  5. Hardcore Apple

    -support but also +support I think this because not very active but havent head bad things about u
  6. Hardcore Apple

    +Support Want's to make the server better
  7. Hardcore Apple

    -support Not as active as a staff member.
  8. Hardcore Apple

    + support sound like a decent app Good luck
  9. Hardcore Apple

    -Support You have evidence that doesnt show much and they told you what you did I mean you shouldn't have done it which means you have to accept it.
  10. Hardcore Apple

    -support You said you did it just take you punishment
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