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  1. alex webb

    +support -very active in game -nice guy -good hours -/+support -has broken rules in the past but not recently from what I have seen -support -failed to follow tos (title must say [your name]’s staff application) -application could use some work -not much forums activity -not very active in the discord I am going to go with a -support purely for the fact that you failed to follow the TOS and your app could use some work. Other than that just bump up your activity on the forums and on the discord (you are already very active in game) good luck.
  2. alex webb

    -support -what is this app? -no rep -failed to follow tos on multiple occasions -not a good app as I said 🤮🤮🤮 BRUH I usually give some pointers to make it better but I have nothing for you
  3. alex webb

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  5. alex webb

    Good I hope more of the Dadmin commands work now
  6. alex webb

    Uhhhh hello I guess
  7. alex webb

    Hmmm @Soy ツ and @John Rocondo are great admins btw @Clutch_Temper_YT=badmin XD
  8. alex webb

  9. alex webb

  10. Either GTA or GMOD
  11. alex webb

    -support -who are you? No activity on discord and forums -failed to follow tos (terms of service), it states: you application must be named [your name’s] staff application (paraphrasing not exactly what it said) -/+ support -meh app overall - support, I would suggest getting more active in the community and following the tos by having your name’s staff application in the title
  12. alex webb

  13. alex webb

    -support -who are you? I have never seen you on the discord/forums -not a really good paragraph -a few spelling/grammar errors overall - support. I would suggest getting more active with the community on the discord and forums and fix a few errors in you application.
  14. alex webb

    +support -the prp discord is mandatory if you are in any departments on prp and whenever I train for said departments I have to grab the link to the discord and show them it
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