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  1. alex webb

    Then why haven’t you resigned then 🤔
  2. alex webb

  3. alex webb

    @Yumi there you go
  4. alex webb

    I love you too!
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  7. alex webb

    You are the first person I’m RDMing 🙂
  8. alex webb

    I am writing this to say that I am resigning from my position as a Police RP Smod (and DRP Volunteer), its been a great run but to be honest GMOD has died in general and kinda gotten boring with no body really playing it anymore, I will still pop in in the discord and chill but as much as I enjoyed staffing I will not be doing it for a long time, peace out peeps! @Zae best manager @Clutch_Temper_YT gayest but cool guy, get a dub in Fortnite for me @UnhookedHorse you can take my SMOD spot @MexicanHam get ass manager @Soy ツ mega gay also no mic fuck @thorobred mega gay but good manager @Nutla best cm @Central Intelligence Agency you are poggers man @Astra cum @Miskie your a good owner @ChocoboJay Wheres my Nitro? and to anyone I missed sorry but im lazy as fuck have a good one guys! ❤️
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