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  1. xd lol

    mbrp update when 😔
  2. @Fat Mak if her age is on the clock, shes ready for the cock -Fat Mak 2020

  3. Why was i not following you my brother, im sorry my forums losts its ways, Come back good man we miss you 


    1. xd lol

      xd lol

      im coming back bro ❤️

  4. Can you fuck off and stop filling the status sections plz

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    2. Beyond Reformed Hollow

      Beyond Reformed Hollow

      @sad memes shoot your shots at XD LOL 

       you currently have 1 win against egg

    3. Egg


      he aint got shit lmao

    4. sad memes

      sad memes

      I honestly have nothing to say about XD LOL, @Beyond Reformed HollowtheY just kind of exist.

  5. Hey man did u watch the new minions movie it was so good bro watch it

  6. What should my pfp on the forums be bro

  7. RIP to the best mbrp manager 😔

    1. YMXC2


      Dont even know why they banished me

  8. Can I please get astaff plz

  9. -rep 

    Homophobic name angry_emoji1 @Egg hey egg plz use your manager contacts to ban him I know you suck them a lot so I think u will help me get this guy ban

    1. Mr Faggot

      Mr Faggot

      They gave me this name i asked a manage and he gave me it so boo hoo

  10. xd lol

    New map when

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    2. xd lol

      xd lol

      Who the fuck are these 2 people?

    3. SaintG4Life


      gecko and a gta stripper 

    4. xd lol

      xd lol

      Hahaha lmfao 

  11. Face reveal guys


    1. Retch


      ZAMN 😍

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