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    1. xd lol

      xd lol

      BTW @Freeze ツ #Sorry but scoping imo is a shit song

    2. Trosa


      @Soap or Die @teh epic frog who gave him permission to post this

    3. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      @Trosa He was kicked off the board of trustees a while ago, going to have to send a cease and desist

  2. xd lol

    Wow thank you 5 credits 😊
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    2. teh epic frog

      teh epic frog

      yeah u can sit on the pussy phonk of the day title ill give that one to you (warning ratings way lower than song of da day)

    3. Freeze ツ
    4. xd lol

      xd lol

      Interworld goes hard fr 



  4. Wassup lil bro can you reply to this status please it would make me happy 😊 

    1. BEAN B0Y

      BEAN B0Y

      he not responding lil bro

  5. xd lol

    Honestly for real even after I suggested to buff the m95 and they accepted it. Its still pretty shit
  6. xd lol

    Will players be able to change them?
  7. xd lol

  8. hi friend


  9. Hello forums overseer I would like to report a forums user 

    1. Forums Overseer

      Forums Overseer

      Hello xd lol,

      I'm sorry to hear that you've had a negative experience with another user on the server. Reporting inappropriate behavior is an important step in maintaining a safe and enjoyable community for everyone.

      To report a user on Exhibition Roleplay, please follow these steps:

      1. Go to the forum's homepage.

      2. Click on the correct server you’d   like to report a user on.

      3. Select the "User Report" option from the menu.

      4. Follow the template (https://www.exhibitionrp.com/topic/1703-user-report-template/ ) And provide a brief description of the user's behavior that you wish to report, including any clips or screenshots that you believe violated the servers rules.

      5. Submit the report by clicking the "Submit Topic" button.

      Once you've posted the report, the server moderators will review the information and take appropriate action as necessary. Please note that it may take some time for the moderators to review your report and take action, but rest assured that they are committed to maintaining a safe and respectful community for all members.

      I hope this information helps, and please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

      Best regards,

      Forums Overseer

    2. xd lol

      xd lol

      I aint reading allat

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