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  1. Your in-game name: something random Staff members name: Kevroe Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/): STEAM_0:1:242529200 Explain what happened: used a god mode during a 1v1 Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required! Saying "just check server logs" isn't evidence.) god_mode_during_1v1.mp4
  2. xd lol

    he does kinda have a point custom classes are fucking terrible and ruin the fun for players and they are heavily pay2win (BUY GOD CLASS GET 5000 HEALTH EPIC RPG!!"!!"!/1?!?1) seriously if i was a new player and a get raided by people who have custom classes I would just fucking quit because they ruin the fun and they are pretty unfair. if they bring it back its gonna fuck the server
  3. -support -doxxed rees -fighting in app
  4. you suck at pc building

    ps sell the old pc parts at ebay

    1. Yo soy Jack
    2.  trofi the child

      trofi the child

      i like what jack said, with his tranny ass

    3. Kevroe43


      @xd lolmy guy some of those parts are 15 years old


  5. xd lol

    @George Sr Nicker @Codsta04 @Rees @Kevroe43 @Phantom @Omegerlul @yo mama so fat @Insert White Name @Jush @bman All of the good admins.
  6. xd lol

    nice update also a Halloween pack would be pog
  7. xdlol#2012 I highly doubt you will give it to players
  8. xd lol

  9. xd lol

    this is epic
  10. congrats on the admin ❤️

  11. ayyy congrats on the  head admin

  12. do you like the pumpkin event
  13. xd lol

    mbrp mining update is to gay @Miskie
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