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Spadezy's Ban Appeal

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Spadezy    0

IGN (In-Game name): Spadezy

Your SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:454438995

Banned by: STEAM_0:0:239135698

Ban date, time & length: 889.2 min

Admins ban reason (Message received when denied from joining the server): NLR x4

Explain why you were banned and why it was false (Go into detail! it helps us know what to look for in logs!): I dont under how i NLR x4 i was banned when i was offline and i was never advised by anyone

Evidence (If none, your case might turn up denied): I was at work so i wasnt on to know the situation that went on

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TyerIsTop    32
2 hours ago, discordlunaa said:

Well we don’t have damage logs, it’s not necessarily rdm. 

Well the user in question provided no evidence to prove it isn't RDM.

The burden of proof lies on those who appeal not the punishing staff.

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