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Prop Owner Checker


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@name Prop Ownership Checker
@persist [WantToRemove] [EntityToRemove]:entity
        case "f",
                print(P:model()+"<br>Owned By: "+P:owner():name()+"<br>Job: "+P:owner():team():teamName()+"<br>"+P:owner():steamID())

Since /go is not working as of posting this, I decided to post this E2 to check ownership of entities you look at.
How To Use:
Press F while looking at an entity. Then in chat the Model Directory, Owner Name,
Job, and Owner SteamID will be posted in chat.

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31 minutes ago, Worlld said:

I’m going to take my comment down in a little for an FYI. 

Guys, please don’t just say thank you, you can tell him ingame. This is just bumping the amount of post you have(not that it really matters it’s just the fact that voided or any higher staff member will close it) so if you have something to comment, ask a question or something. This isn’t me getting mad it’s just the fact that they will close it and we won’t be able to comment anymore. Just please, if you going to comment, ask a question instead of “thanks”. Again, like I said you can always say ingame by donation or a simple “thanks pie the e2 guy, I will tickle your pickle later.” 

I will be taking this down soon just so we all know.

I don't see anything wrong with them commenting something on this thread. Sure it is e2 releases, but I'm sure people would want to know if an e2 has good or bad reviews. Maybe if it was a lot of people doing it, I could see it as an issue but I don't think opinions should be left strictly to in game chat. If people want to raise their post count they can go on the general thread and reply to any of those posts or go to introductions and just say 'hi'. If they want to bump their post count then they are definitely doing it in the wrong way. Also 


34 minutes ago, Worlld said:

This is just bumping the amount of post you have

If I'm not mistaken, bumping is taking a post that was no longer relevant or popular and replying so it moves to the top of the forum. (aka bumping it to the top). 

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