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Users IGN: Memo


Users SteamID: https://steamidfinder.com/lookup/https%3A%2F%2Fsteamcommunity.com%2Fprofiles%2F76561198382110964%2F/


Explain what happened:
1st and 2nd Clip. I warned him to back away two times and he killed me before I could say the third. Dispite saying that he didnt know, the next clip he warns me twice and then kills me even while I was trying to run away after the 2nd time. Dispite the orders of the clips, its clear that he knows that its 3.

1st Failbase clip, No props leading up to the top of the casino (Propclimb) 
This isn't even a base, just propclimb. But it was also ontop of the Casino which he did own and used the roof to store printers with someone named Prick. (Failbase)

2nd Failbase Clip. (A mega base is considered a base that blocks of a large section of map/npcs/multiple bases. These are not allowed. ) There wasn't a KOS sign near me yet still treated it as if I passed it. Because I didnt die during a raid, didnt advert raid, or due to a (Proper) KOS sign i moved back in. (The KOS sign was far, far away from where I was at. And it was made clear that I was being killed for traspassing the previous sign. Even more evidence supporting this? He went back and added a KOS sign right over the tunnel sign after the raid, showed here. 

This could be both NLR FailRP and RDM? Keep a eye out on this one 

3rd Failbase clip.  KOS (Kill on Sight) signs are required for bases with ramp, stairs, and alleyway entrances. KOS Signs may not be placed on any public property. No keypads and it looked like someone had to use breaching charges to raid it. 

Video evidence and screenshots. 

If it doesn't load, its still uploading. 

Other minor stuff includes bad laws, check law 6 for instance. Some minor propblock, but was intended to be shot out of but subjective. 



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