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Wonkru. Or Enemy of Wonkru. Choose.

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Wonkru Nation is seeking recruitment for talented thieves, gunmen, hackers, murderers, and all kinds of delinquents looking to get rich and have fun.

Find or Message Corruption or Creli for potential recruitment.

Requirements for joining WN:

1 16+ years old only.

2 Be Active. We also play other games and there's usually always people on to play somethin'!

3. Don't start new beef with other clans or Wonkru clansmen. We help people when possible, assist raids, counter raids. We are the thorn.

4. Share the wealth, if you have 3 bags from a bank raid and your buddy has one, you both now have 2. Communism baby.

If you wanna join Wonkru just hop on and come say hello in General chat! 😁

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GB Nolan    110
On 6/11/2019 at 6:23 AM, Andy said:

Ive heard the 3 bags 1 bag communism joke 1000 times.

then maybe you should stay away from commies lol


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