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child genoside

selling meth


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Lyren Trou    58

When youre done with making the meth you gotta take it out this fridge thingy, spam e on it until some little bags spawn.. You have to buy an meth shipment/container in the f4>entities. .  Put the little bags in that container until you either have no meth or its full anf closes by its own. Now you can go ahead and put it in your inventory and save it for some other days or just press e on it.. If you press e on it, you are now carrying the meth. If you die, it will drop so be carefull.. after collecting the container, head to any meth buyer npc and press e on him. An dropoff point will be marked for you and you have a bit of time to reach it. .  Once you are there, press e on it. You will get the money and wanted..


Short again,

Fillup container

Pickup container

Head to meth buyer npc

Interact with him and search for the dropoff point

Collect at dropoff point

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