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staff report on Banks


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Your in-game name:


Staff members name:


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/):


Explain what happened:

before the sit:

its this simple, me and my friend Andy were in a party and were looking for a base in the underground area (sewers) and there was this guy who followed us the whole way from entrance to the sewers to a base we found, so Andy warned the guy 3 times and then proceeded to shoot him and the guy shoot andy back and killed him, then i killed the guy (because he damaged/killed my party member)

the sit:

so i was teleported and got accused of "RDM", i explained my side of story and told him its not rdm and i killed him because he killed my party member, so the staff member just told me that's not allowed and he told me "its not on the motd" and i told him its a common sense rule and everyone knows it and asked him to ask higherups on discord, but he ignored my request and teleported andy and asked him why did he try to kill the guy, he saw it was a valid kill and teleported andy back then teleported the dude back and then went ahead and jailed me for rdm x1 

 during the sit, i pinged mbrp staff team on discord and asked them about this rule and a senior mod told me i can kill the guy, it would've took banks 1 second to ask a higherup in mbrp staff channel on discord but he choose to just jail me instead, ended up ruining my rp experience on mbrp 

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)

sadly my power went off before this happen and my shadowplay stopped recording after i restarted my pc so i can't provide any video evidence

(evidence 1)

andy adverting his warning, the guy killing andy and me killing the dude


(Evidence 2)

me being in a party ( staff member also knew i was in a party at the time)


(evidence 3)

me getting jailed by banks


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