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Hi, I'm Socrates

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Socrates    0

Hi, my name is Socrates but I'm more known as yetter on the server. I chose to change my name to revamp who I'am on the server and within Exhibition. I mainly play on Mexican Border RP, but I will be checking out the other Exhibition servers in the near future. I have played GMod for over 1400 hours, and enjoyed every minute. I played countless RP server, including but not limited to, MilitaryRP, DarkRP, PoliceRP, and many more. I enjoy roleplay servers and Exhibition has a unique style of roleplaying that I enjoy very much.

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.EZ    25
On 7/6/2019 at 4:56 PM, Buttered Roll said:

i believe it is pronounced so crates

Soak-ray-teas is actually the correct pronunciation 

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