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Bank prop blocker/mass rdmer


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Your in-game name:
Pablo Albino


Users IGN:
Jenna Talls


Users SteamID:


Explain what happened:
He was running around as border patrol chief rdming people, as well as prop blocking off the bank entrance and exit.
This happened around 12:05 AM EST on 7/11.


Didn't have my software on, turned it on and recorded the bank propblock before I left the server.
The server was a shit show in general around then, but him and his police buddy were especially annoying.

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23 minutes ago, phone charger said:

+support for the prop-block, but you didn't provide proof for the rdm so why include it?

also wtf is that hovering over your head?

It's a thing you can buy in-game, I included it because there should be logs for the mass rdm.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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