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Pharmacist Tutorial


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How to make pills on exhibition rp

 1. You need to decide which type of pill your going to make.

2. You have to purchase a guide book to make sure you get the right recipe. (Or you can follow the recipe list down below)

3. You purchase the chemicals/hardware used to make the drug. (Found in the entity section in your f4 menu)

 4. You put those chemicals into a beaker.

5. You put the filled beaker onto a bunsen burner. You must regularly stir (press e) the beaker while its on the burner to prevent it from burning.

6. After letting the chemicals cook you put them in a freezer to cool down.

7. Once the pill have frozen you need to place them in the pill press so they can be... pressed.

8. Once you press the pills you have 3 options. You can A: Sell them to an NPC for a quick buck. B: Sell them to players so they can use them to enhance their skills in combat. Or C: Keep them to yourself to become the true druggie. 


List of all the pill's


 Salicylic Acid (150ml) Acetic Anhydride (300ml) Deionized Water (50ml) 

Purpose: 15% increase in damage resistance for 60 seconds. (Does Not stack/Can overdose)

Takes approximately 3 and a half minutes to make



 Proponic Acid (150ml) Acetic Anhydride (300ml) Deionized Water (50ml)

Purpose: 40% increase in damage resistance for 40 seconds (Does Not stack/Can overdose)

Takes approximately 4 and a half minutes to make



 Acetic Anhydride (150ml) Deionized Water (100ml) 2-Napththol (250 ml)

Purpose: +10hp every 4 seconds for 80 seconds

Takes approximately 4 minutes and 45 seconds to make



Methyltestosterone (100ml) Selenium Dioxide (300ml) Deionized Water (100ml)

Purpose: 20% damage buff for 20 seconds (Does Not stack/Can overdose)

Takes approximately 5 and a half minutes to make



Keto acid (150ml) Deionized water (150ml) Acetone (200ml)

Purpose: +4hp every 4 seconds for 20 seconds and 10% buff to movment speed/jump height/damage/damage resistance for 60 seconds. (Does Not stack/Can overdose)

Takes around 6 and a half minutes to make



Acetic Anhydride (200ml) Deionized Water (100ml) Progesterone (200ml)

Purpose: 2x time on healing/damage resistance effects (Does Not stack/Can overdose)

Takes approximately 7 and a half minutes to make



Keto acid (150ml) Methyltestosterone (200ml) Deionized Water (150ml)

Purpose: 30% increase to movement speed and jump height for 2 minutes (Does Not stack/Can overdose)

Takes approximately 5 and a half minutes to make



Methyltestosterone (300ml) Deionized Water (100ml) Progesterone (100ml)

Purpose: 50% damage buff (Does Not stack/Can overdose)

Takes approximately 6 and a half minutes to make

Video tutorial








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