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guide to binding & unbinding keys!

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my reasoning for this guide is for all the people who keep asking how to set binds, and instead of just looking up some outdated stuff, might as well have a detailed tutorial on how to do it.

here's a couple commands to get you started if you don't feel like doing it yourself.

for the keys i recommend something like \ ' ; ] [ = - if you do do it yourself

in console:
bind - "say /advert <rainbow=3> quit what you're doing (warn 1/2/3) </rainbow>"     (you must advert that 3 times with 5 seconds in between in order to kill somebody who's bothering you)


bind = "say /advert <rainbow=5> hey, drop 15k or die my dude.. (mug) </rainbow>"   (you may only do this as a thief/gangster)


bind \ "say /advert <rainbow=4> attention sandy hook elementary, this is a raid </rainbow>"


bind ] "say /advert <rainbow=2> over! </rainbow>"


bind [ "say /advert <rainbow=4> false! </rainbow>"


those are just some binds you could do.

and remember, do not do unbind all, the command to unbind the individual binds is

unbind (key)

if you do unbind all, it'll leave your gmod braindead, and you'll most likely have to reset it.

if you'd like anymore help with this, contact a staff member or even me if you'd like, flooded ツ#1337


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Their is also specific color codes instead of rainbow as well.

bind \ "say /advert <defc=white>This<defc=blue>be<defc=red>a<defc=yellow>raid!"

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