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7/29/2019 PoliceRP Update


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  1. Added 2 new permanent laws
    a. Jaywalking is illegal
    b. Having weapons out is illegal
  2. Added the announce system(Mainly for events)
  3. Added a new poll system
  4. Added our PM system
  5. Added rdm manager for staff


  1. Disabled headlights (never need to be used and just causes lag)
  2. Fixed the Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640-sv being placed under the wrong dealer
  3. Increased the cost for !revive to 10k
  4. Colonel+ now spawn with the M4A4 and the MP5SD
  5. Fixed pharmacist entities freezing for no reason
  6. Restricted firefighter to 12h+
  7. Restricted Police Cadet to 6h+
  8. Fixed an error with tfa tracer effects
  9. Added the logs:
    a. Laws(Police, cuffs, etc)
    b. Job Demotion logs
    c. Advert
    d. Fine Logs
    e. Ticket Logs
    f. exhadmin logs
  10. Fixed bank needing too many police online
  11. Players have been given the ability to fix their own cars
  12. Disabled sprays
  13. Fixed the President not being demoted on death
  14. Increased the property tax amount
  15. Decreased the distance to using the printer
  16. Updated the Police to spawn with armor
  17. You can now inventory boxes of cones as a construction worker
  18. Fixed the ability to precision, materialize printers (You can only Color it now)
  19. Slight nerf to the casino machines
  20. Slight nerf to Anadrol
  21. Made it so the construction worker tools don't damage
  22. Disabled exhaust/dirt effects for cars
  23. Increased bail price to $5,000/year

More to come!

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