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MeatyCHode ans seaweed harrassing me.


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Your in-game name: LingLong


Users IGN:MeatyChode69 and Saeeadwadwad


Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/😞MeatyChode69: STEAM_0:1:223098394

Saeeadwadwad: STEAM_0:1:151602704


Explain what happened: If you are a staff member and are reading this please don't argue with these people in the future in sits they are constantly lying to make them the victim. These people constantly broke nlr during my raid and were constantly rdming floodedmarathon when he was waiting outside the base bc I accidentally killed him during the raid. After they said he rdmed them even tho he adverted warn and spammed sits while I was raiding then claimed I was ignoring their sits. They had removed them after I raided then kept on complaining. 15 minutes later when flooded raided them again bc he waited the cool down he reported them for a failbase so I took the sit  and dealt with it. According to them I was abusing my powers bc I didn't like them and bc flooded is my friend. If you run into these people on a sit do not argue with them because they are constantly lying to avoid trouble. I forgot to mention that they were spamming me in pms.


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log: https://gyazo.com/276fc4d3cf60806b09086d85e4f736f5



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