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DRP Map Update 6


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  • Added a waterfall next to the Strip Club
  • Added flowing water to the sewer tunnels
  • Added ladder to PD Vault
  • Added crocodile to the Sewers
  • Added new bases on the Beach
  • Added garage door sounds to all of the garage doors



  • Fixed a bunch of missing texture boxes
  • Fixed a container colliding with another container in the Beach area
  • Fixed a mislinked doors
  • Fixed a pixelwalk in Industrial
  • Fixed the exhibition logo prop rendering out too fast



  • Retextured the underground tunnels to be actual sewers
  • Remade wall displacements on the beach
  • Made a waterfall in the downtown area able to be walked through
  • Replaced fish models with super advanced fish ai to save on file space
  • Replaced a grass texture in Residental
  • Replaced various roof textures
  • Replaced various floor textures
  • Replaced some textures below the residental houses
  • Replaced many other unlisted textures



  • Removed the Sewer Branch because no one based in it
  • Removed some eastereggs to decrease download time
  • Removed and replace various textures to decrease download time
  • Removed push trigger from PD vent
  • Extended platform in Residental near the water
  • Increased height of Strip Club for optimization
  • Removed clip on PD roof



Update should be live tonight.

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