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Azrael Abuse Report


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Your in-game name:

Dildo Baggins/mmmk


Staff members name:


Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/)? Ex. STEAM_0:0:71487010:


Explain what happened:

I had pasted a base I use regularly across from spawn, in the tunnel, I was showing some friends how it was built,etc. A couple of mods - moon and Azrael came over and were saying they didn't think it was allowed. I explained that the base had been approved previously, and that to my knowledge it was OK. Azrael argued with me about it a little bit, but just told me it was common knowledge that it wasn't allowed. Since I had never interacted with this mod before, I asked if he could clarify, and I also PMed Brand on discord to clarify. Azrael came back and said that Brand had told him it wasn't allowed, but was unable to articulate or explain what had changed, so I told him, hold on I am clarifying with Brand. I tabbed out and was AFK talking in discord, during the ~30s I was tabbed out, he kicked me. There was no chat warning or other warning given for this, nor was there a sit or reason to be so quick to kick someone from the server. After Brand explained to me the changes in the rules due to the trucks being added to the server, I understood why it wasn't allowed, but Azrael was too quick to unnecessarily kick me while I spoke to Brand about the rule changes that were made, that I was unaware of.

I would understand the need to complete sits and move on to the next one, but there were literally 2-3 other mods standing around during all of this, there was no hurry, Azrael simply seemed to be upset that he was challenged to provide the rule that was changed, and would rather kick someone that deal with explaining rules, which is a fundamentally bad was to admin. If you can't understand and articulate rules, you shouldn't be a mod/admin.

From the attached screenshots, you can see that other mods were coming to me (mmmk) and were talking to me about it. You can also see that no text warning was given to me, as I couldn't hear.

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)



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To explain, this is the base:


And the reason I didn't remove it to recreate it later was that with coloring, texturing, keypads, nocollides, etc, it take about 10 min to setup.

I've had this base in various forms since May, and had previously been told (incorrectly) that is wasn't allowed, I thought this was another case of mistaken rules form a newer mod. This base toed the line on allowed before - it is the exactly the height of a player model, etc. and has upset new mods previously.

The rule change below is what makes this base no longer allowed:


and I hadn't seen this change or made this base in the past month to be aware of this change.

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Im confused here, We have a addon that allows us admins to see when players are tabbed out or afk. If you were warning him while seeing a "Tabbed Out" tag then how is it really a warning when he wasn't physically able to hear it?

Edit: Yes players are to read the rules and are liable to any rules broken. But patience is key in situations like this.

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I told him 4+ times to remove the base and he failed to comply. I can say with 100% certainty he was not tabbed out because it would say that on his character. He continued to move around as i told him to remove it, a clear indication that he was ignoring my instructions. I talked to Brand about this in the mbrp staff channel before dealing with this and he clarified that this type of base is no longer allowed. 



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