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Buttered Roll

Simple but effective base dupe

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Alright lads, I thought that since there is a possible economy wipe in the future, I should make a base dupe to throw some printers in and make some money...


Here is a tour of the base:



The default fading door keys are: Keypad 7, Keypad 8, and Keypad 9, in order from closest to furthest from the main (buy able) door to the defense point.

Though these can be changed to whatever you want...


The keypads also have to be no collided (which you can do the same way you would no collide any regular prop) for the base to be legal.


You will also have to put buttons down for the defense point, the fading doors for which are Keypad 4 (for the top 2) and Keypad 6 (for the bottom 2).


Other than that, you can make the color scheme or materials whatever you want (though I would recommend giving every prop the "shadow remover" tool effect to make the base look a lot better).


You can get this base by pming me on discord at Quentin#7716 (because I can't put the text document on the forums).

After I see your message and are able to, I will send you the text file, which you put here:


And then you are all good, it will be in your advanced duplicator 2 folder in game (you may have to refresh)...


The base isn't anything extraordinary, but it's decent and easy to defend, enjoy!



TL:DR, I'm giving out a free base in preparation for a possible economy wipe, just pm me on discord (Quentin#7716) and I'll send it to you...

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