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PRP Update 1

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gz    39






  • Map update
  • Added a safezone to spawn
  • Added Judge 
  • Added Attorney
  • Added Prosecutor
  • Added the party menu to the context menu
  • Tow calling system, use /tow to call a towtruck driver to your location
  • Added the commands !collection, !discord, and !forums to go to the respective page



  • Added K9 Dog with a sniffer weapon which can sniff out drugs near it. 5min cooldown on the weapon
  • Added the SWAT department
  • Police now spawn with Radar Guns
  • Added new balisitic shields for SWAT and PD
  • Fading doors when battering rammed are open for 1 minute
  • Gave EMS gas masks



  • Increased bail price
  • No cars do damage to players now
  • !whitelist has been made seniormod+
  • Nerfed crowbar damage
  • Nerfed printers slightly
  • Nerfed pharmacist slightly



  • Fixed players being able to put molotovs and weapons they spawn with in their inventory
  • Fixed lance corporals not having shotguns
  • Fixed an error with the MOTD
  • Printers now despawn when you switch to Police





Update should be live tonight from 1am-6am EST

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gz    39
Just now, teh epic frog said:

nice, whoever contributed to this is prob a genius or something

Thank you

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Guest 1am - 6am est to central?

what is the time to central?

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