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Brand    30

Well boys, it's about that time. I'm sure a few of ya'll saw this coming but I'm resigning. These truly are the sad nibba hours. With my first year of college starting, it's becoming impractical for me to be able to dedicate as much time as I have in the past towards a game. I've met some awesome people in my time here and hope to stay in touch with most of y'all. I might hop back on from time to time, and might come back to staffing in the distant future, but that's a big ol might. Regardless, best of luck to everyone.

Now, for the obligatory honorable mentions: (btw if you're not in this list and you feel that you should be, I apologize in advance, my memory with this kinda stuff is shit)

@Damplips I've heard you got a new mic but you will still be known as the guy with the garbage mic. You were a good manager, don't let these new guys walk all over you because they're salty about promotions.

@Sweatshop BoiKeep fighting that good fight in Vietnam, you're doing great!

@maxsnipes10 You're honestly one of the most wholesome people I've met. Keep doing you.

@drangia! Another one of the OGs here. Best of luck my man.

@Autistic Shotgun bruhhhh. That's all.

@Nota Mehican Not sure if you still visit the forums, but if you do and are seeing this, best of luck at your new job!

@Miskie Stop cheating at shellshocker, not cool.

@Tyler RavageHow's that Toyota been treating you?

@Synthwave Synthwave? more like Synthnigga, am I right or am I right?

@gz Have you seen that Press F2 guy around? 



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Synthwave    76


i know I don’t play as often but damn ill never see this pussy as nigga again fuck..

good luck in alabama university i wish you the best (we all know u finna be a meth cook wtf is chemical engineering lmao)

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crazypes    26

How do I start this. From getting my first ever jail from you to annoying the fuck out of you to join are discord sever and take us on sits makeing the admin watching bases, to you training me to be staff. I have had the most fun time with you playing scrap mechanic and getting fingerd let's not talk about that, anyways I dont know how Mbrp is going to be but all I know is @Sweatshop Boi has his job back without having an assistant. But for real you going to be fucking missed by everyone your the one that held everyone together when shit it the fan. Good bye @Brand you'll be missed friend


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