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Community Contest 3: Most Chaotic Moments


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Most Chaotic Moments Competition

How do you participate? It's simple! Upload a picture/video of the most chaotic moment you have experienced on an Exhibition server and you can win up to $40 in the donation store!



* Must be on an Exhibition server

* Including videos/pictures increases your chance of winning

* No discord/forums content related

* Must be original (you cannot post other's media)

* You may only have 2 submissions



1st place

Exhibitionist or $40 on the donation store

2nd place

VIP+ or $20 on the donation store

3rd place

VIP or $10 on the donation store


If you already have one of these prizes, you are able to claim a different prize not listed


Contest ends SUNDAY (9/22/19)

Winners will be announced MONDAY (9/23/19)



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Don't have any pics or videos anymore but basically the server got hit with a backdoor by the first dev in like really early 2017 and set everyones money to infinite and banned all the staff online except me and like 2 others and then a few days or something later he gave everyone timed c4 and they started to MassRDM server was down for a while like 2+ days when they were looking for the backdoors

Good times good times

Free @NotARainbow 🙏


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The ebic moments in this single comment is unnoficial . Pls don't count it towards my submissions

So many moments....

Nazi vs Soviet war. Everyone kosing each other. Have a 3hr clip of it but it's recorded by koromaru 

Border patrols , cp and president raising Mexico . I recorded it somewhere over a year ago , can't find it

My brother noclipping in fspectate when a mass rdm was going on. People kept blocking spawn and it was mayhem. Recorded but will take time to find.

6 or 7 dudes getting together and trying to crash server in protest of abusive admins(they meant me but I was never abusive !!!!!!! They lie !!()

Doing /nolag . What it would do is freeze all props until server was restarted. So if u put a prop down, it would stay there forever, u couldn't move it

 dozens more but can't remember all

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This one is a major throwback to when we invaded Exhibition town for a economy wipe (Which was successful can't wait for it). 

Also this is a time when I first visited mbrp. What happened was 2 people decided to prop block spawn and some people were mass rdming (which sadly couldn't get on video) this was early in the morning so no staff were on.  It's not very "chaotic" but it's somewhat chaotic.... I think.  (Also they were banned).


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