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Additional Girth breaking rules

[IFN] Gyazo [TM]

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Your in-game name:


Users IGN:

Additional Girth

Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/


Explain what happened:

My friend and I were raiding the bank, he killed me and my friend fairly, as it was a counter. He then sold the bags (after adverting steal) then I ran to get the rest (forgot to advert steal, my bad) and then i ran out and he harrassed me until we got to the corrupt banker(or next to his base) then he proceeds to shoot me(rdm) and then he YET AGAIN adverts STEAL (without waiting cooldown) 

I would've reported the situation but no staff members were on.
(I know he didn't wait 5 mins between adverting steal as I have instant replay set to 5 minutes and they were extremely close to each other)

Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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