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Harrasmment and RDM at casino


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Your in-game name:

  NaCl OG Blood Gangster

Users IGN:

  • 1st Offender: Nippsey Hustle Crip Gang
  • 2nd Offender: Walkinprophet420

Users SteamID:

  • 1st Offender: STEAM_0:0:476533885
  • 2nd Offender: STEAM_0:1:476399755

What happened: 

Was working on one of my casino advance dupes trying to improve it when they walked in and started checking out the place, which was fine til they had mugged me which I didn't care since I figured they would mug me and leave or just see what I'm doing, so I said in chat "kill me". Came back and they were still there and asked to come in, I had told them before hand that there isn't much in there so go ahead. As they were doing their thing, Nippsey came up and knifed me as I was working on one of my walls. Came back to work on the casino and they were still there. Nippsey then threw a grenade in my casino but i had been behind a wall but you can see in the video that he was holding one and one had went off after I was behind my wall. I came back out through my door and then Nippsey went and shot me with a crossbow. Coming back AGAIN his buddy Walkingprophet420 mugged me, which i proceeded to say kill me because I'd rather take the death then drop the money. Yeah I could have asked them to leave but I figured that would just lead to a bigger fight and more problems. Either way they keep coming back and harassing me and RDMing me.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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