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I was moved by 4people during mining on October 2 and October 3


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Your in-game name:YouKnowWhoItIs


Users IGN:Curious Beats,Silas,LilDickEnergy,and Jelo loli


Users SteamID Couldn't find it any of the people listed Curious Beats,Silas,LilDickEnergy,and Jelo loli


Explain what happened:I have two videos of a guy Named Curious Beats and his friend helping Prop Pushing me while i was mining and another guy used his thunder gun to blast me away from my rock I have both videos of it happening posted on youtube which i will add the link to both and timestamps because i couldn't edit them down the guy that help curious i thinnk he changed his name twice because there was a Jinx class that came with him twice to move me.Also when reviewing footage look like Curious Beats placed a mat to kill fellow miner Danny Franco i added time stamp.

Youtube Video Link 


Timestamps for first video Night of October 2,2019

1:07:14 By Curious Beats First Time moving me

1:09:44 By Curious Beats and Silas move me

3:20:22-3:21:17 Curious Beats and im assuming Silas with a different name LilDickEnergy Move me 

3:20:35 fellow miner Danny Franco kill behind me then you see Curious Beats run away

5:15:15-15:15:27 You can see a man named Jelo Loli Boost me away with a thunder gun God Classs

Second Video Morning of October 3,2019

1:36:12 Curious Beats moved me 4th time

4:41:12 Curious Beats moves me for the 5th time and final time that morning 







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