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Prop-blocking spawn and Rdmx20


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Your in-game name: Fit


Users IGN: retard nigger & Stipgod


Users SteamID: 76561198115350172 / https://steamidfinder.com/lookup/76561198115350172/

Users SteamID: 76561198163997150 / https://steamidfinder.com/lookup/76561198163997150/


Explain what happened: These 2 were (before the prop-block) running around and rdming people, one of them bank manager and one of them border patrol. I did not get this on camera but I guess you could check the logs. Then they started prop-blocking spawn and rdming IN THERE. I did get that and a few rdms in spawn on recording (watch mp4)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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