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The boys harassing, rdming, ardming, and nlring.


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Your in-game name:




Users IGN:

(SS) Bied





Users SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/Ex. STEAM_0:0:71487010:

SS-Red_YT (STEAM_0:0:448319789) 

[SS] Bird (STEAM_0:0:177701654) 

AssasinWolf27 (STEAM_0:1:116599415)

tyty308 STEAM_0:1:419854234



Explain what happened:

I came back after selling weed and the boys rolled up to my base w/o adverting it and continuously killed me and came back. After those shananigans happened, both SS-Red_YT and AssasinWolf27 armed me and killed me. 


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc.)

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(Clear Evidence)

SS-Red_Yt is purple
AssassinWolf27 is blue

--What I found--
Shows SS-Red_YT coming back after dying from inside the base. (NLR or aRDM) as this might not of been a raid in which the category would change
He then also comes back and says Lockpicking, and you are shot by SS-Red_YT and Killed by him.
He seems to build to see your location too as he hit you directly at 5:15 in the first video (kills you)

AssassinWolf27 lockpicking in at 6:02 first video
Also received damage by SS-Red_YT again a little after 6:02 - I am guess he had to lockpick in to get in so also FailRP

AssassinWolf27 rdms Private 2nd clip
SS-Red_YT Then goes to ardm near the end.

In Total I would say SS-Red_YT should get a 2-3 Day ban (2 unless you include harassment them bumps to 3 days)seeing as He Lockpicked attempt #1 (failRP), Shot you (ardm), Kills you (rdm), enters the base then shoots you w/ sniper (ardm) and another (failRP) because he had to get into the base somehow, lockpicking *cough cough*

AssassinWolf27 would be jailed for 10-15 mins w/ (rdm) because he kills Private, also (failRP) as they lockpicked. and possibly Harassment.

Tyty I couldn't find anything about them in the video other than just being there and being a accomplice.

Of course this is just my opinion, but any and all actions these players did that were against the rules should be punished for what they did. I might not of got them all so I would check for yourself.

It's come clear to me that SS-Red_YT harasses a lot of people as I have seen him doing actions with my own eyes and possibly recording (Evidence would be at my moms, & im at my dads so would have to wait).

I love the part when you make the wall transparent and he says "fading door abuse" & "You're getting banned", However if this was a raid you shouldn't be building or editing your base.

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