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Halo4Killers Staff Report


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Your in-game name:
SpóòKy Bubbles

Staff members name:
Spooky Halo4Killers

Staff member SteamID(http://steamidfinder.com/)? Ex. STEAM_0:0:71487010:

Explain what happened:

I hopped on and went afk in the middle of the street to go take medicine for my cold I have. I return to my computer dead, I was confused to I made a sit saying "@ I was afk and come back dead, rdm?" I was pulled by halo as he took my sit. He likes to get straight to the business no time wasted. He says the man left and that he can't do anything. I bring up "ltap?" and he says no as he was not in a sit. (Some staff members would have checked when he killed and when he left to see if it was possibly mass rdm and see if he left to avoid punishment (The very definition of LTAP). At the time I didn't have obs up and running sadly. I wish I could have gotten evidence of the rdming of said person and him leaving (I do get this in console later) also could have recorded him saying that he wasn't going to give me evidence. I make another sit as Halo said he could not give me proof because I looked in logs and saw this man rdm x4 and leave in the same time (This is backed up by the evidence). Halo then goes on to accept the sit, but then proceed to give me a hard time in getting said evidence and saying I would not need it for a staff report (I was gonna make a staff report first place for him not even giving an attempt to see if the guy mass rdm or anything, but also wanted it for a User Report to get this player banned. HE STILL ISN'T BANNED so you should also ban him. STEAMID: STEAM_0:0:221909943) Later I did receive the evidence but this was at least 10 minutes later. I find it absolute bull shit that I #1 "didn't need evidence for the report(s)" #2 it would be such a difficult time gathering said information. #3 To see that a man that joined the server for 30 minutes and has 4 kills and left 20 something seconds later didn't rdm. He didn't even go and try to look at where I died or even look at his kills.
I would like to say sorry for the shitty quality on my end. My other pc fried it's self and the one I'm on isn't the best (or even good). My name at the time was PickleRick.
The first two show the guy coming onto the server and rdming 4 people. The other two show halo saying he can't do anything and stating that I don't need proof for forums.


Evidence (screenshots, video, chat log, etc. This is required!)



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Just now, halo4killers said:

pretty much all of them saying its only LTAP if they leave if there in a sit but like i said if im in the wrong ill take my punishment for my actions.


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um i staffed and i know to check if they've rdm'ed multiple people and see if they advert anything to see if it was a valid reason to kill those people but what i am seeing is that he was being lazy and not attempting to do his job correctly even if he didnt leave in the sit its still ltap cause hes "LEAVING TO AVOID PUNISHMENT" but halo you've been doing good but try to not slack in sits you dont want reports on you it makes you look bad as a staff member just try to improve from now on ❤️ im sorry but its a + SUPPORT from me

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On 10/13/2019 at 5:02 PM, halo4killers said:

okay yes so seeing it i see that he should of been banned for 2 day for rdm but i dident want to do that because what if he had a reason to rdm any of those people so then he would of been banned instead of being jailed like he would've of been if it was justifiable to kill 2 or more of those people

That is why you look into the case. Hence, you could go into RDM Manager and see if they were shot first, See if he had purchased any doors (possibly owned a base), Had any adverts, Changed his class to see if he was a pissed baby? They're logs for a reason I understand it takes time and It may be a little annoying to go through and decipher all the stuff, but from what I know all you did was check who rdmed me. Saw that he killed me, Then proceed to bring him, but since he couldn't get pulled this meant he left thus leading you to telling me you couldn't do anything and you didn't even go to look if it was rdm or not.

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2 hours ago, halo4killers said:

what if he was in a party that just something that i cant check so that's why i didn't ban him

Okay well I am done arguing, But for the record you did not even look into it. Eitherway he still isn't banned... 

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On 10/12/2019 at 9:02 PM, halo4killers said:

Alright so im gonna tell my side of the story of what happend

so bubbles here called a sit on this guy Daddyjoe and since when i pulled bubbles the guy Daddyjoe had already left the game and from what i know and other admins had told me its not ltap if they leave before i pull them to sit and also from what i know and from my knowledge from other admins i cant do anything if they leave before i can pull them to a sit


If i did anything wrong i will take my punishment if i did anything wrong but this is my side of the story 

If anyone kill someone without a valid reason and then leave the server, it is ltap and you need to ban them for 24 hours + 6 hours for each things he did. 

+Support, you should talk to a hireups next time if you need help.

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So personally I’m not going to side in this... all I want to input is this is a “unwritten rule” where It is staffs discretion if he thinks the person in question clearly LTAPs or not. I’ve never been given a time frame by anyone that has upheld itself in a staff report/user report. There might be a rule but it’s never really been put in stone while I’ve been around, I think it’s a learning opportunity to make a rule around it so this happens no longer

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